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Update on Mae Young’s Historic Appearance on Raw

As reported last night, Hall of Famer Mae Young made a somewhat historic appearance on Raw last night under the ‘Old School’ theme, competing in a match at 87-years-old.

WWE’s Twitter page touted that, with her match last night, Mae was the only person in history to compete in nine different decades (1930s-2010). According to the Wrestling Observer website, that may be factually inaccurate:

Regarding Mae Young, among those in the know it is generally believed that her 1939 debut is a worked date, and the real date is most likely early 1941. No records can be found from before that date, and she herself on Raw said she was 17 when she debuted, which would have been around 1941. People who have wrestling magazines from the 1950s also note that the stories written about her then always listed her debut date as 1941.

Thoughts: Whether it be eight decades or nine, it was still a great moment. According to the Observer, Mae’s use of the words ‘sluts’ and ‘bitches’ caused a big pop backstage — even from Vince McMahon. God bless her!

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