Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Update on Scarlett Bordeaux’s potential status with WWE

It is being said that Scarlett Bordeaux will be making her presence known shortly on the NXT brand. It was previously confirmed by Squared Circle Sirens that Bordeaux was seen at the WWE Performance Center. This was said to be a tryout.

From this, multiple news outlets are stating that Bordeaux is still being seen at the WWE Performance Center getting ready for NXT. This is per Casey Michael from Squared Circle Sirens who also states that the next big class will not be until January with prior big names that have been signed.

The Wrestling Observer is also mentioning that Bordeaux has been signed to what is most likely WWE. They are saying that she has canceled a number of independent dates due to the fact of signing a contract.

There has been no official word as of yet by WWE at this time.

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