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Velvet Sky Says Leaving TNA Was a ‘Business Decision, Not Personal’, Wants Beautiful People Reunion

VelvetTNA Knockout Velvet Sky recently spoke to Scottish podcast ‘The Big WrestleShark Show’ and revealed that her departure from the company last year was simply a “business decision”, but she is happy to be back — and one Knockout aided her return.

The Big Apple native said: “It was just business issues. It was never personal with anybody. It was just a business decision I had to make is all I’ll say. I had to do what was best for me at the time. It was just me looking out for me. But everything is all worked out now and this is what’s best for me.”

After six months off TV, Velvet triumphantly returned in December 2012 and she spoke about ‘letting the pigeons loose’ once again and who persuaded her to come back.

She said: “TNA is my home, I came here almost six years ago at Bound for Glory and this is my family. All the Knockouts, all the guys. I couldn’t stay away for too long because I missed it terribly. So the powers that be worked it out for me to come back.

“[Madison Rayne] would text me almost every day, ‘When are you coming back, we miss you, we love you.’ I mean we go back to the Beautiful People days when we would travel the globe together. But you know I’m friends with the guys, and they would reach out to me and the office would reach out. It just made my decision to come back all that easier.”

However, one woman who didn’t return to TNA along with her was former Beautiful People partner, Angelina Love. Velvet reveals it wasn’t Angelina’s choice to leave the company.

She said: “I was so upset [when she left], but you know it was out of her hands. She didn’t wanna leave. But she is doing phenomenally well in her outside projects; she’s doing movies and conventions all over the world, she’s right where she was meant to be right now. But I still bother them all the time to let us do one more Beautiful People run but I don’t know if it will happen. I mean never say never, but I don’t know if it will.”

Velvet also discussed the current Knockouts roster, her goals for 2013 and whether she would join WWE in the future. You can listen to the interview here.

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