Monday, July 4, 2022

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Vickie Guerrero Launches Side Business

As well as being a WWE star, Vickie Guerrero has launched a new side business in scrapbooking.

Speaking to NBC affiliate KTSM in El Paso Texas, Vickie said: “I got into scrapbooking when my daughters were maybe two years old. I started collecting photos and memorabilia from things they were doing in preschool and in church activities.”

Now she’s turning her hobby into a business, currently in her home in El Paso, but she has plans to open a store.

“My dream is to open up a scrapbook store with a coffee corner here in El Paso and to be able to open up a store and hold classes and be able to teach people to make their own books. The memories will stay forever, for their kids and their grandkids so it’s a great idea to have the family memories preserved.”

Vickie also revealed that she’s currently making a shadowbox for the Bella Twins.

Read more and watch a clip of the news report here.

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