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Vickie Guerrero’s Daughter, Sherilyn, Alleges Sexual Assault From Stepfather

Vickie Guerrero’s youngest daughter, Sherilyn, has come forward with allegations when it comes to her stepfather (Vickie’s husband). Sherilyn, who is also the daughter of the late Eddie Guerrero, took to her TikTok on April 4 with an emotional claim against her stepfather Kris Benson.


I have waited so long and tried my hardest to put it all behind me but its time i start MY healing journey. Im done being silent, its not helping my mental health. I could never fit this into 3 minutes anyways so i feel the fact im allowed 10 minutes, well its the best way i can sum up everything. Please respect my family & i want nothing but love for them…. I am done being silent though while they go on not worried about me, its time i worry about myself ??

? original sound – Sherilyn Guerrero

“Come 2020, right before COVID, there was a cruise that my family went on and basically on this cruise, I got sexually assaulted. The unfortunate part is that it was my stepdad. Yeah, it was my stepdad. Was I the only one? No, but that’s not my business to put their story out there, but it happened to me.”

Sherilyn adds that she spoke to her mother in regards to the sexual assault but Vickie stated that it was a “mistake” and that is “not who he is.” Since telling Vickie, Sherilyn states she has had her number blocked and hasn’t been speaking to her.

Vickie has since released her response to the allegations. She calls her daughter manic and says she is a narcissist. Guerrero also accused Sherilyn of being drunk on the cruise she claimed she was assaulted on. And also states that she has not once spoken to Kris once about this.

Vickie adds she will see her daughter in court.

Vickie has since deleted the post.

Beyond hearing both what Sherilyn and then what Vickie had to say, Chavo Guererro Jr. says he has been helping his cousin through all of this.

Vickie is currently signed with AEW but has recently stated that she will not be renewing her contract. Her contract is up in July. During her time with AEW she has mostly played the manager of Nyla Rose.


Vickie’s other daughter Shaul Guerrero posted about the incident as well. She admits that Sherilyn was sexually assaulted but further stated that her sister will not try to mend fences and actively go to therapy.

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