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Victoria’s Run of Bad Luck

Veteran Diva, Victoria has had a run of bad luck of late as she tells in this week’s Diva Dish. In the span of three weeks, the Vicious Vixen has missed two house shows – the first and second times in her 7 year career:

Hanging with Victoria
We swear we didn’t jinx Victoria – we swear! But recently in Diva Dish, the SmackDown Diva apologized for missing a live event – her first in seven years. Thanks to weather and travel woes, Victoria missed another live event. While she was squeezed onto a flight to Atlanta, bad driving directions – thanks to Jesse & Festus – made her miss a Divas competition.

“I didn’t have a GPS, and turned the wrong way. I listened to Jesse & Festus, who are the worst people to listen to, and I was late! They already did the Divas’ best body contest, and you cannot have a best body contest without myself there. You know I would have stolen that, right?” she asked.

“There must be an anti-Victoria campaign going on that I don’t know about, so I was kind of upset. So that was that, another show missed, the second one in seven years!”

And for those following Victoria’s new business venture – Black Widow Customs – will be opening this spring in Louisville, Ky.

“We’re opening in May. The reason why it’s so delayed is we’re doing construction on the building and we have to get the city to OK it, and that takes a while,” she explained. “But don’t fret, it’s going to be open in May and it’s going to rock! I got more new stuff and I’m excited, totally excited.”

Also, the results still aren’t in for the YouTube Chrysler 300 Spin It Your Way online contest, which Victoria entered her Chrysler 300 in.

“This month we are going to find out from Chrysler who wins. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I have a good feeling! But just like our shows, it’s subject to change,” she laughed.

How about we send Victoria some love with our minds and hope she can break the curse! We’re with you, girl!

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