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Video: Emma and Summer Rae Join Lana’s WrestleMania Team

A dramatic turn of events at last night’s WWE Main Event tapings has added two new Divas to the team of Lana, Naomi and Tamina: Emma and Summer Rae.

A WrestleMania challenge prior to Raw put the team at a numbers disadvantage against Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Natalya and Paige, but the tables were turned last night when Emma joined the group during a match on Main Event. Summer added herself to the equation as well, but an online-exclusive video posted after the tapings showed that Summer had some convincing to do before she was accepted into the group.

In the video, Lana, Naomi, Tamina and Emma are interviewed by Renee Young. Emma speaks first, telling Renee that she’s been overlooked for too long. She says she’s sick of seeing everyone get the attention she deserves, and by joining this group, she’s ensuring that she gets her WrestleMania moment.

Lana compliments Emma, saying that it’s her level of passion that takes one to the top. She says all of them have the winning mindset. She promises that they will “crush” the “Total Divas” at WrestleMania. Naomi casts doubt on whether those Divas will make it to WrestleMania at all.

When asked about Summer’s actions, Lana says this is typical Summer behavior: always chasing someone and being needy. This brings in Summer, who tells Lana that she needs her more than she knows. Lana accuses her of inserting herself in the feud in order to get herself a WrestleMania moment.

Summer says she knows Lana is desperate to beat the Total Divas. She tells Lana that she’s a lot of things, but she’s not stupid. Having her on the team gives them a 5-on-4 advantage, so Lana needs her to win the numbers game. She acknowledges that she needs the team too, as they provide the spotlight she wants.

Summer proposes that she and Lana put their Rusev “thing” behind them and concentrate on WrestleMania. After mulling it over, Lana accepts, telling the Total Divas, “your move!”

This leaves the Total Divas team with a decision to make: who will they bring on board to even the odds?

WrestleMania 32 takes place April 3rd and will air live on the WWE Network.

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