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Video: Eva Marie Talks the NXT Crowd, ‘Total Divas’, Her Dream Opponent & More

Total Divas star Eva Marie recently sat down the AfterBuzzTV to talk about her return to the ring at NXT, the inner workings of Total Divas, the backstage environment, her dream opponent and more.

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Her friends backstage: Other than Naomi and Cameron, Charlotte and Sasha Banks “have her back.” They and the rest of the girls like Bayley have helped her out when she started going to the WWE Performance Center again.

Total Divas trimming its cast: The Divas know when the get cut from Total Divas. She says that it’s a big shock when they find out who’s on or who isn’t because they don’t get advanced notice. She did say that they have shot everybody this season. You’ll see little bits of everyone, not just the main cast.

Her dream opponent: Eva’s dream opponent would be Trish Stratus. She talks about the tweet that Trish sent her and how she freaked out. Eva says that she respects how Trish came into WWE and evolved.

Working with AJ Lee: Eva says that AJ was awesome. She was great to her backstage or anytime they had a match together.

Doing things outside the WWE: Eva says she would do a competition show like Dancing with the Stars. She believes that everybody should do more stuff outside of WWE because it would help the WWE brand.

Watch the full interview below:

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