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Video: Kobra Moon Keeps Up Her Pursuit of Daga on Lucha Underground

[media-credit id=9982 align=”aligncenter” width=”620″]Black Lotus[/media-credit]

For the second straight week, there were no matches featuring the Luchadoras of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network, but this week’s show did feature some noteworthy moments advancing the storylines of Kobra Moon, Black Lotus and Taya.

First on this week’s episode, Kobra Moon tried to help Daga win his match against Son of Havoc. Although unsuccessful, she does help him to his feet. She then drops from hers to her knees, grabbing hold of Daga to show some sort of infatuation. This one is certainly going to be interesting.

Up next, fresh from helping her man Johnny Mundo win the Trios Tag Team Titles with Jack Evans and PJ Black last week, Taya provides a key distraction, leading to a defense of the titles for her team.

Finally, Black Lotus’ story also continued after a substantial period of absence. Wishing to seek the truth about the murder of his master, El Dragon Azteca Jr. approaches Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto in his cage. Lotus stops him in his tracks, telling him that he needs to think again about doing what he came for. She says that Matanza didn’t murder her parents, their master did! The proverbial cat is out of the bag, and El Dragon doesn’t want to believe a word of it.

Lucha Underground airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the El Rey Network.

What is next for Kobra and Daga? Do you think Black Lotus was lied to by Dario Cueto? Give us your two cents below.

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