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Video: Velvet Sky Gives Advice to Women Starting Out in Wrestling

Former TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky recently discussed breaking into the wrestling business with fellow wrestler Justin Credible on his Pro Wrestling 101 show

Recalling her initial training with mentor Jason Knight, the two-time Knockouts Champion said: “One of the first things I learned [from Jason Knight] is always in this business, is keep your ears open and your mouth shut. So that is the rule of thumb, probably the number one rule.”

Velvet also explained the type of person you need to be to make it in the wrestling business. She said, “I suggest if you don’t have a thick skin, you don’t even bother getting in this business because it’s really not just glitz and glamour. It takes a lot of heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, dedication.”

Velvet also stated the importance of staying humble. She stated, “A lot of people, I’ve seen it happen, they start out in this business so sweet and so humble and then they get a deal and and it gets to their head and they change and they think they’re better than everybody. Don’t ever ever forget where you came from. No matter what level I get to in this business, or in life, you can just never forget where you came from.”

Velvet also discusses locker room etiquette, how much you have to sacrifice to make it and respect within modern day wrestling. You can view the interview below:

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