Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Vince: No More Bra and Panties Matches

In the exact words of Vince McMahon, allow me to quote: “No more bra and panties matches and things of that nature.” *Insert a hallelujah*

That was the official statement from Vince during today’s [May 1st] WWE shareholders conference, in regard to a question about the direction of the Divas. And if you think Vince and co. suck, wait till you get a load of this one shareholder, who suggests that WWE needs to bring back the smut. In the meeting, he suggests that since WWE has ended it’s affiliation with Playboy, how about WWE try and build a connection with Victoria‘s Secret. He further goes onto say he wants to see more evening gowns, bra and panties etc.

And the kicker? “It seems like it’s traditional wrestling now…” Oh no, God forbid!

During the conference, Vince also confirmed that WWE declined an offer to work with Playboy this year, due to their new PG direction.

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