Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Viper announces entry into the ICW Square Go!

These last couple months have seen rumors circulate that Viper is expected to sign with WWE very soon. Until that signing comes to pass, she’s still slumming it in Insane Championship Wrestling, where she is a former two-time ICW World Women’s Champion.

She lost her title last December at Fear & Loathing XI, but now it seems that The Megaton Barbie has her eyes on a bigger prize: the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Today in an interview with The Sunday Post, Viper announced her entry into ICW’s upcoming Square Go! match. For those unfamiliar with Square Go!, it is the ICW equivalent to the Royal Rumble. By the same sword, Viper announcing her entry is the equivalent to someone like Chyna or Nia Jax entering the Men’s Rumble.

With that said, this isn’t the first time that a woman has entered the 30-man battle royal. Current ICW Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray entered last year and Viper entered previously both last year and in 2015. A woman has never won the Square Go! or the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Viper hopes to change that.

“Don’t underestimate me- there’s a reason I’m called the Vixen of Violence and that I’m in the history books,” she warned in her Sunday Post interview. “There’s a reason I’ve made the name that I have and it’s my time now. I’ve dominated wrestling wherever it’s been in the world in the past couple of years. Wherever there’s been anything to do with wrestling, I’ve been there and now it’s time for me to take that top spot back home.”

ICW Square Go! airs live on Feb. 24. Tickets are still available now on Ticketmaster while the show – and all ICW content – can be streamed here.

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