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Watch: Dawn & Torrie Talk Wrestler’s Rescue and More!

Former Divas team up and tackle a radio host! Their feud was infamous and one of the most talked about angles of 2002, now six years later, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson are in the same room once more! Ahead of tomorrow’s Wrestler’s Rescue convention, the two former Divas appeared on a radio show talking about the event, their storyline and so much more!

I have to say, it’s been a while since we’ve seen actual footage of Torrie but she looks gorgeous! In the interview, Torrie says that looking back she is ashamed of some of the raunchy stuff she did during her WWE career such as prancing around in a bikini. Dawn and Torrie also talk about their infamous kiss on pay per view, which you can check out in part two!

Watch parts two and three after the cut:

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