Friday, May 24, 2024

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Weekly Savannah Watch: Paul Burchill Edition

Now, we normally wouldn’t do this… Backstage interviewing. Boring. But we’re making an exception for this young Diva, Angela Fong now known as Savannah on ECW. Why? Just because we like her and think she has a ton of potential. It’s nice to keep tabs on her even if she is just ~interviewing~ So each week, we bring you ‘Weekly Savannah Watch’ yay! Last night, Savangela interviewed Paul Burchill:

I like the tongue-in-cheek, “Oh look another backstage interviewer” comment. Paul Burchill gives me serious Christian Bale vibes… and that ain’t a bad thing. Someone tell Angela not to walk in the middle of his scene next time. He may trash your lights!

PS: What did Hurricane do to Katie Lea last week? I’m intrigued but y’all know we don’t give a fuck about ECW to go look it up, hence calling on our trusty readers. First one to comment gets a piece of candy.

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