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What If: Krissy Vaine, Divas Championship And More

You guys ever wonder what could have been in WWE? Ever think that a few less ‘future endeavors’ would have made a difference in today’s division? Ever think of how things would be without the Diva Search? No? Well, don’t worry cause I’ve done the thinking for you. Here’s a couple of circumstances that woulda, coulda or shoulda created an alternate reality in Diva world.



What If: Krissy Vaine hadn’t left the WWE? 
We were all taken aback when Torrie Wilsonwas attacked by a mystery blonde after a match with Victoria. We were even more shocked to find out it was Krissy Vaine. (What happened to her?!) We got to see her one more time backstage with Vickie Guererro before she disappeared from the WWE altogether. As the story goes, Krissy asked for her release when she found out that her boyfriend wouldn’t be on the same brand. 
Had she stuck around, I predict that Krissy would have had a long program with Torrie and maybe the Divas Title would have been introduced earlier. It was rumored that Torrie was originally supposed to be the first Divas Champ and this would have been the perfect time for her to snag some gold. 



What If: There was no Divas Championship? 

Last year WWE exhibited some confidence in Smackdown’s Diva division by creating a title especially for them. Gone were the days of matches for no reason and stupid Bikini contests. WWE followed up by calling up new divas like The Bellas and drafting Maria to round out the division. From there Smackdown went on to surpass Raw when it  comes to Divas action. (In My Opinion)

I almost 100% sure that if the Divas Championship was never created, solid wrestlers like Michelle McCool and Natalyawould have found themselves lost in the shuffle on the already diva-heavy Raw. Smackdown would have become a safe haven for valets and divas who weren’t quite ready for full time competition, much like ECW.  And Gail Kim definitely would be going to Raw. 


What If: WWE didn’t misuse their talent?

Oh, where to start?! It’s no secret that WWE prefers to push eye candy as opposed to Divas who are great in-ring competitors. It’s been this way from from the days of Sable and will probably never change. So many things could be different in WWE if there was more of a focus on actual wrestlers.

First off, Victoria would have had a more accomplished career. We can all agree that Victoria should have had several more title reigns. Just like her predecessors Trish, Lita and Molly Holly, Victoria bought something new to the table and deserved to be recognized for her talents.

In addition, Divas like Natalya and Jillian would have at least one title run under their belts instead of taking up Valet and Jobber duties respectively. 

That’s it for What If? this week. Submit your ideas for What If? after the break.

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