Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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What is the Best Finisher in Women’s Wrestling? Nominate Your Favorite

We’ve just crowned wrestling’s best mean girl, so it’s time to set up the brackets again for another tournament. This time, we want to know the best finisher in women’s wrestling.

In addition to helping them secure a victory, a wrestler’s finishing move can also serve as an extension of their personality and in-ring style. From Lita‘s moonsault to the Sable Bomb to the Glam Slam to the Widow’s Peak, there were and are many finishing moves as memorable as they are devastating. Which move, then, is the best of them all?

Submit your nominations in the comments below and we’ll use your ideas, as well as our own list, to pick 16 finishing moves. We’ll then put together a bracket tournament to whittle the list down to just one ultimate finisher!

Hit the comments and start suggesting!

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