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Winners & Losers: AEW Dynamite 03.04.20

Coming off the successful PPV, AEW Revolution, this week’s AEW Dynamite had the opportunity to build up the next challenger for Nyla Rose and that is just what they did, by having Big Swole take on one half of the Librarians, Leva Bates.

But before we get to that we had a talent-heavy match on AEW Dark this week.

Recorded before Revolution we were treated to a tag team match that featured four of AEW’s most entertaining and dynamic performers when Yuka Sakazaki and Riho teamed up to take on Britt Baker and Penelope Ford.

This was Riho’s first match since losing the AEW Women’s World Championship and Yuka’s since getting her tooth forcibly removed by Baker.

The match started with both Riho and Sakazaki getting revenge on Baker with a barrage of forearms and kicks. Ford would get involved and after temporarily taking out Riho, she and Baker would single out Sakazaki and beat her up mercilessly.

Kip Sabian would make a nuisance of himself at ringside by interfering a few times at Riho’s expense. Riho would take him out with a top rope cross-body block but he would recover in time to cost her match by reversing her pinfall attempt on Baker, who was then able to attach the Lock Jaw submission fro the win.

The match was good fun with all the performers getting the chance to shine. Penelope Ford and Yuka Sakazaki looking especially good. Hopefully, the Sabian, Ford and Riho situation will play out and lead to another intergender match further down the line.

Kris Statlnader would give a very downbeat post-match interview that dropped many hints that the alien gimmick may be on its way out. Personally I hope not as the gimmick makes her stand out in a fun and unique way. While it may not be in everyone’s cup of tea the gimmick is still in its AEW infancy and in a promotion where one of the most over stars is a guy who can’t be arsed to wrestle properly and kicks in slow motion, it should certainly not overshadow her in-ring talent and opportunities.

On to Dynamite then and not much to talk about, to be honest as the only women’s match lasted less than 90 seconds.

Before said match took place Britt Baker would join the commentary team and present Tony Schiavone a Starbucks.

The match started with Leva slapping Swole who then went for a pump kick but Leva ducked and Peter Avalon ate it. Bates would then hit Swole with a book and hit a backstabber. Swole would overpower with a big slam, a stiff knee strike and then Dirty Dancing for the 1,2,3.

This was a nothing match that existed only to get Big Swole a win so she can build up the victories to become the next challenger for Nyla Rose’s AEW Women’s World Championship. Speaking of Rose we didn’t get to see her tonight, which felt like a missed opportunity. After coming off her first title defence against such an imposing opponent such as Statlander, Rose could’ve made an appearance, cut a promo, attacked Swole, anything to further establish as the champion.

Winner: Big Swole

A superfast win that didn’t really give her much of a chance to fully show off her talent. It was, however, a much-needed victory that edges her toward to the top of the table and the number one contender spot, which just where she needs to be.

Loser: Leva Bates

Poor Leva Bates. The Librarian gimmick is stupid and exists only to be stupid and therefore makes her look stupid in the process. Bates was once an entertaining and fun character but in AEW she is, unfortunately, less than a jobber.

Final Thoughts

I am going to stay positive but this was not great. No champion, no build, no story but hey that’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, at least Big Swole got a win and seems to be on track to the top of the standings.

What do you make of the show? Let us know below and as always stay tuned for Diva Dirt for all of your AEW news, reviews and updates.

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