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Winners & Losers: IMPACT 10.13.20

As Bound For Glory is just a week away from Saturday, the number one contender for the Knockouts Title was out to send a message to the champion. Kylie Rae took on Kimber Lee and was ready to show Deonna Purrazzo what she will be in store for.

Before we get to that match, a huge three-way tag team match kicked off the show.

The tag teams have been at each others throats as of late and it culminated to Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Havok & Nevaeh. Steelz & Hogan do what they do best and wait for the perfect opportunity to enter the match – when their opponent has already been beaten down. Unfortunately for them, Rosemary & Valkyrie are just too dominant.

Later in the match, a pile up starts on the outside of the ring. It starts with Hogan taking out Havok with a suicide dive. Nevaeh was then over trying to help her tag team partner when Valkyrie does a high risk maneuver and takes all three of them out. Valkyrie hit hard on the ramp.

Steelz then goes to join the party but she stops herself and decides against going through the ropes to the outside. She is unaware that Rosemary is right behind her and gets hit with a huge spear. The Demon Assassin follows up with a double underhook and sits out Steelz to get the three count.

After the match, Steelz and Hogan retreat up the ramp as the other two teams stare down in the ring.

Rosemary will have more to celebrate soon than her recent string of victories. It has been announced that her wedding will take place on the Oct. 27 episode of IMPACT. You can read about that by clicking here.

Next we see Tenille Dashwood and Alisha on opposite sides of the ring in a huge ten-person tag team match. This match seems to be focusing more on the men but it shows that women will be involved in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound for Glory.

It was reported earlier that the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match will be returning this year at Bound for Glory. Last year it was an intergender match that involved several Knockouts. Eddie Edwards would end up winning it. They have announced that this year’s match will have the same amount of entrants and that is 20.

The team that won this week’s 10-person tag match would go on to next week to face each other in a five-way. The winner of that match will be entrant number 20 in the Gauntlet match at the pay-per-view. The winning team was the team that had Alisha on it. This included Heath, Rhino, Cousin Jake, and Hernandez.

The last Knockouts match of the night was the aformentioned Kylie Rae vs. Kimber Lee. Rae intended on making sure that Deonna Purrazzo knows what she will be up against a week from Saturday. The match was a great back and forth, but in the end Rae got the submission victory.

After a Kylie Special and a near fall, the Knockouts Champion would get on the ring apron to cause a distraction. Rae wouldn’t fall for it and would lock Lee in the Smile to the Finish. After the bell rang, Rae would refuse to break the hold.

Purrazzo would enter the ring to attack the number one contender from behind. Rae would retaliate with a a superkick which had the champion reeling as she retreated up the ramp.

Let’s get to the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Rosemary

Picking up a third win in a row is a great thing to see for Rosemary. Also her upcoming wedding being announced is perfect to keep the spotlight on her. I really enjoy how so many other members of the roster are getting involved with this storyline. Love to see a wrestling wedding.

WINNER: Kylie Rae

I have a feeling she is taking the title off of Deonna and this intensity that Kylie is showing is perfect. Looking forward to this match at BFG.

It is hard for me to do “losers” for the Knockouts. As a whole, they always kill it in what they set out to do. So I try to base it off of moreso the actual win/loss record.

LOSER: Kimber Lee

Kimber does a great job at getting over her opponents and a good partner for Deonna. With that being said, she is constantly on the losing end and that isn’t doing any service to her personally.

LOSERS: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan

I could probably include Havok & Nevaeh also, but I just feel like Tasha and Kiera need a win. I just want to see so much more from these two and neither one seem to be anywhere near the title picture. This may be why we need the tag titles back and them as the first champions.

What did you think about this week’s IMPACT? Who were your Winners & Losers?

Let us know in the comment section also on those who may want us to start doing IMPACT Discussion Posts. Would that be something of interest?

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