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Winners & Losers: Money in the Bank 05.10.20

The most unique Money in the Bank is behind us and it certainly lived up to that moniker. Let’s take a look at the matches and see who were the winners and the losers.

First women’s match of the night was Bayley vs Tamina for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Before the match Kayla Braxton would interview Bayley and try to get a few a words from Sasha but Bayley would answer for her adding more fuel to thier seemingly tumultuous relationship.

The match would begin with a cocky and brash Bayley taunting, pushing and slapping Tamina. Tamina would snap and begin to power through and pick Bayley apart.

Bayley would target the knee as Banks applauds from ringside but a slap and headbutt would see Tamina in control once more.

Bayley would counter a superkick into a kneebar but Tamina would hold on and get to the ropes.

Bayley would try a Samoan drop but fall under Tamina’s weight. Bayley would call for a timeout and recover outside using a bottle of water to swill Tamina.

The show of disrespect made Tamina spring into life and she would destroy Bayley. Banks would distract Tamina which would allow Bayley to turn a Samoan drop into a pin fall for the victory.

Tamina tried to execute the move again but Banks would chop block her knee and take her out. Banks would then retrieve the belt for Bayley and the two would leave together.

This match was a lot better than expected as Bayley made Tamina look like a credible threat and a real star. Tamina put in a hell of an effort and was not only able to hang with her younger and quicker opponent but make people interested in her character. However, that being said there was never any doubt that Bayley was losing the title here, which for a predictable match although entertaining.

Due to the ending and aftermath, it doesn’t seem as though this feud is over and don’t be surprised if we see this match again and maybe under 2-on-1 stipulation, which can be good fun and continue to play on Bayley and Banks’ “friendship”.

Onto the highlight of night and the Money in the Bank match.

Asuka takes out everyone with a crossbody from the balcony and delightfully and manically dances into the elevator.

Evans, Baszler and Carmella would race up the stairs and begin to fight while Asuka would make a break for it with Baszler in hot pursuit.

Nia, Brooke, Carmella would Baszler would fight into a meeting room and take eachother out. Brooke would smash Jax with a chair and capture a breifcase with money in it. Stephanie McMahon would enter to inform her of her mistake and Carmella would split a picture frame over Brooke’s head and moonwalk out of the room and straight into the women’s right from Lacey Evans.

All competitors would end up interupting Paul Heyman’s banquet and of course and food fight would ensue. Baszler would choke out Rey Mysterio while Nia would kill Dana and Carmella.

Asuka would be seen running through a corridor closely followed by Evans, Baszler and Nia. Dana would take a nasty looking bump onto the tiles after slipping on a mopped floor.

Asuka and Nia would be the first to make it to the roof and into the ring. Jax would take out Asuka and Evans and go for a ladder. Asuka would stop her ascent and Evans would drop her with a women’s right. Asuka would then stop Evans’ ascent and drop the ladder onto Jax’s head.

Evans and Asuka would battle it out to gain control of the ladder. Asuka would prevail only to be interupted by Baron Corbyn. She would knock him off the ladder to retreive the breifcase to become Mrs Money in the Bank.

This was utter madness. Crazy, beautiful madness. The winner was a surprise but Asuka makes sense and is going to an absolute joy to watch her dancing around with the briefcase.

Onto the winners and losers

Winner: Askua

The fourth Mrs Money in the Bank is going to be a good one. Asuka has been the MVP of RAW for weeks by being consistently entertaining, relevant and unforgettable. If she is to go after Becky then we are in for a treat as these two have great chemistry and to become the RAW Women’s Champion is more than she deserves.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley has been such a joy since finding her footing in the heel role. She’s obnoxious, delusional, cocky, a coward and a bully all at the same time and played to perfection.

Winner: Tamina

Tamina has been great since she was added into the WrestleMania mix by Paige back in March. She took the opportunity and ran with it, and despite the rough ending she made herself strong, interesting and a genuine title contender.

Loser: Nia Jax

Jax was my pick to win the briefcase and dominate throughout the match. However, this was not to be. Despite some impressive power moves she was nearly as dominant as she could’ve been.

Loser: Shayna Baszler

Similar to Nia Jax, Baszler just simply wasn’t as dominant as she should’ve been. Apart from the shot of her choking out Rey I can’t really recall her being used in the match that much at all.

What did you make of the matches? And who do you think were the winners and losers? Let us know below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your WWE news, reviews and updates.

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