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Winners & Losers: NXT 12.09.20

There were a lot of highlights on this week’s NXT for the women despite there only being one match. That one match was the main event however and was between Ember Moon and Raquel Gonzalez. But first, let’s get to the other women on the show.

First, we saw Scarlett’s return. Karrion Kross made his return from injury later in the show and attacked Damian Priest but Scarlett was the clue of his return at the beginning of the show. Kross had to vacant the NXT Championship as he won the title and it is clear that he is ready to go right after it again, with Scarlett’s help.

Speaking of championships, it appears that the NXT Women’s Champion has become a very popular woman. After being pinned at WarGames by Gonzalez, it would make sense for her to eye up the title. However, Toni Storm reminded everyone why she made her way to the NXT brand and that was to become champion.

This reminder from Storm prompted the appearance of the champion, Io Shirai. The two battled it out starting in the backstage area and made their way out to ringside. Ember Moon would then get involved and get some revenge on Storm who turned on her prior to WarGames. After driving Storm into the steel steps, Moon delivered Storm back to the champion who delivered her moonsault to end the segment.

Next we have the next installment for Xia Li and Boa. In last week’s video, the two were seen attacked by kendo stick attacks and this continues this week. Both end up bloody and in pain, but the mystery woman who is in charge of this pain that is being inflicted is still not shown.

We now have a new stable that has fully formed from WarGames. The second person to be revealed in the Ghostface costume was no surprise to be Austin Theory. Theory joins the new North American Champion, Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, and Indi Hartwell under the name, “The Way.” Because after all, it is the Gargano Way.

LeRae is also confirmed in having a broken arm from WarGames.

They present a trophy to LeRae because she and her team won at WarGames. Gargano explained that it was very expensive and imported from Italy. It was a trophy with a toy doll head of Shotzi Blackheart on top. This was to signify the defeat of Blackheart and her team.

The segment ends advertising the men’s side of the stable as Priest comes out to confront Gargano and Theory. Kross returns and attacks Priest and then drives off with Scarlett by his side.

Personally it was a missed opportunity to have Blackheart come out.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Ember Moon

Lastly, we do have the main event of the night, the women’s match between Moon and Gonzalez. Big moment for both women main-eventing, however, the booking on this bothers me a bit. Moon really shouldn’t continue to lose and at the same time, Gonzalez losing wouldn’t have been very smart either after her big win at WarGames.

Gonzalez ended up picking up the win in the middle of the ring after delivering a single-arm powerbomb. After the bell rang, Storm came out to pick at the fallen Moon from their encounter earlier in the night. Rhea Ripley‘s music hit and The Nightmare came out to make the save. She pulled Moon out of the ring which caused Storm to back off.

Ripley would then come face to face with Gonzalez. Gonzalez would then back away and head up the ramp to end the show.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the night:

WINNER: Raquel Gonzalez

A win, a main event win…everything is looking up for Raquel. My only thought is that I really thought she was going after Io Shirai next but I guess not. There are so many possibilities though so at this point who knows what is going to happen next with the NXT Women’s Title picture. This could be a slow build for Raquel and if that is the case then that is a big plus for her.

In her Network Exclusive, Raquel mentions that she had her hand raised on Sunday from WarGames (by pinning the champion). She had her hand raised again tonight by defeating a former NXT Women’s Champion. As for Ripley? She says she will deal with her on her turn.

WINNER: Io Shirai

Although she took the pin at WarGames, she bounced back this week. If Raquel and Rhea go for another round then I can easily see a triple threat set up next for the title that includes Ember and Toni. That is what we have all been waiting for right? Ember and Toni going after the title?

LOSER: Ember Moon

For this week Ember came out looking bad in the end. This goes back to how I feel the booking of this main event was weird to me. Ember has been picking up a lot of losses lately for someone who wanted to come back reinvented and go for the gold (which she hasn’t even done yet). I don’t know if they are trying to get the title off of Io first for Ember to then go for it or what. The triple threat thought is where I think it may be going.

Not sure of all the conditions of why Shotzi nor Dakota appeared on the show tonight, but I found at least Shotzi not being there a little odd.

My last thought is about “The Way” stable. I am for it. I think it has the potential to be a well-rounded stable if done correctly. I am really happy for Indi Hartwell to get so much attention recently. I just want her to get in the ring more though and pick up some wins. The neck brace has run its course at this point.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Who were your Winners & Losers? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!!

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