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Winners & Losers: RAW 06/10/19

Super ShowDown where women weren’t allowed on the card is now over. So more women should be utilized on RAW right? Well, not quite.

WWE’s newest pay-per-view Stomping Grounds is one week from this Sunday. The RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will defend her title against Lacey Evans at that event. With the unwavering wild card rule dominating every show, we continue to see the same talent week in and week out.

In fact, one would think they were starving for talent. Enhancement talent needed to face The IIconics because clearly, no one else is available. The women’s tag team division continues to suffer. Wave the white flag, throw in the towel, tag teams are gone with no signs of improvement in sight. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross almost had a chance for the Women’s Tag Team Championships but the wild card rule messed that up as well.

Let’s get right into the winners and losers for this weeks RAW.

WINNER: Lacey Evans

It is questionable to list Lacey Evans as a winner this week, but based off of her picking up a win for her team it seems needed. The only reason to make it questionable is her backstage interview banter with Becky Lynch prior to their match. Their banter isn’t really working. It sounds as though they are a customer and an employee fighting over a return of purchase rather than wrestlers heading into a title match.

She did, however, pick up the win for her and Alexa Bliss by pinning the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

WINNER: Carmella

The wild card rule seems to be hurting many people, except Carmella. Without even having a match, her chemistry with R-Truth continues. She holds her own through any 24/7 title shenanigans that may ensue. If it wasn’t for her pulling R-Truth into the elevator for safety, he may very well have lost his 48/7 Television European Championship.

Is it bad that this may be the most interesting thing a woman is doing on either roster?

LOSER: Bayley

Although Bayley has been on a tremendous high as of late, being on RAW did nothing for her. The clear reason to have her being a wild card this week was to have her wrestle in her hometown. Well, it doesn’t really satisfy the crowd when their “hometown hero” loses. What makes matters worse is she even took the pin to secure the loss.

It’s obvious that they weren’t going to let Evans pin Lynch at this moment, but having the SmackDown Champion take the pin doesn’t make sense. Prior to this wild card rule, talent didn’t always perform in front of their hometown and things went just fine. Anyone else could have partnered with Lynch instead.

Final Thoughts:

The wild card rule needs to end.

WWE needs to resuscitate their women’s tag team division as of two months ago.

Nikki Cross with Alexa Bliss is starting to make less sense. Eventually, they may have Bliss turn on Cross and have them feud, but it seems like they are putting a lot of work into this without a clear picture.

Having them face The IIconics would have made much more sense. If this would have transpired then Carmella could have faced Bayley at Stomping Grounds. It would have been a win-win.

What did you think of this weeks RAW? Who were your winners and losers?

Check back in tomorrow for SmackDown’s list of Winners & Losers!!

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