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Winners & Losers: RAW 10/14/19

RAW tonight witnessed the second and final night of the WWE Draft. The night as a whole wasn’t very focused on the women. It did wonders for the mid-card division for the men, which was good for them, however, the women were clearly not a priority.

Here is a summary of who was drafted where and you can read the full events of RAW by visiting the Live Coverage post by clicking here.

  • SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley is obviously staying on SmackDown
  • Charlotte Flair drafted to RAW
  • Zelina Vega drafted to RAW w/Andrade
  • Carmella is staying on SmackDown
  • Women’s Tag Team Champions – The Kabuki Warriors drafted to RAW
  • Liv Morgan drafted to RAW

So that leaves Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan, The IIconics, and Fire & Desire as Free Agents and they will be choosing where they wind up. It is weird to note that Fire & Desire were not part of the live drafting as they were advertised for the commercials for the draft.

Let’s get right into the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNERS: The Kabuki Warriors

They continue to look strong as they defeated Natalya and Lacey Evans in a random tag team match. The match itself didn’t make sense, but the continued heel antics and them picking up a win continues their positive presence. With them drafted to RAW hopefully, they will continue to get tv time.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Lynch won her match against Charlotte Flair in the opening match. This made RAW have the first draft pick that ironically drafted Seth Rollins as the number one pick. With Charlotte moving to RAW in the draft they could have easily had her win this. It is good that they are still showing Becky in a strong way and having her pick up the win. Hopefully, Charlotte won’t automatically be Becky’s next opponent, but we know how that all works.

WINNER: Carmella

Carmella could be a winner or loser this week depending on how you look at it. She was kept on SmackDown whereas her partner in crime R-Truth was moved to RAW. It is unknown if they will allow the 24/7 Championship to be on both shows still with the wildcard rule being over.

However, regardless of that fact, this could be a good a very good thing for her. Recently she had a little scuffle with Bayley, and now that she is full-on heel, maybe Carmella will be the top babyface and be pushed back into the title picture.

LOSERS: Natalya & Lacey Evans

Them being in this match made zero sense and it cost a chance for them to have Liv Morgan appear. Natalya was set to face The Kabuki Warriors with a mystery opponent. Directly before this Liv was drafted to RAW. This could have been the perfect way to bring her back on tv. They could have even had one of the women who weren’t drafted as the mystery partner.

What do they do? Choose a now SmackDown talent in Lacey. Someone who Nattie just had a Last Woman Standing match with last week. This whole thing made zero sense and didn’t do a thing for either woman. This was a total missed opportunity.

LOSERS: The women who weren’t drafted

Sure, it is to be expected not every single person was going to be picked. We were told this with the “free agent” stipulation. However, with the whole FOUR tag team, we have on the main roster, two of them don’t get drafted on tv? It isn’t like they had to physically be there.

There were a total of six rounds. Two of the rounds didn’t even have women at all selected. Instead, there were men that haven’t been used on tv in months or even out of action like Jinder Mahal that were selected. The draft definitely overall was not friendly to the women’s roster. Sasha Banks being drafted to SmackDown was probably the only highlight over the entire draft.

Who were your Winners & Losers from RAW this week? What did you think of the draft? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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