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Winners & Losers: RAW 10/28/19

After having the women snubbed last week due to the majority of the roster being in Australia, fans of women’s wrestling needed retribution this week. Heading into tonight’s event there wasn’t a lot of hope seeing as Crown Jewel is still on the horizon.

Surprisingly the women were well represented. Two matches in total and neither one disappointed. For the full results, you can check the live coverage from this week’s RAW by clicking here.

Let’s get to the Winners & Losers of the week:

WINNER: Kairi Sane

Sane delivered it this week. She always does, but her going toe to toe with Becky Lynch and the top of the division shows that she is a future singles champion on the main roster. Finally, all the boxes are checking for Sane.

As refreshing as it is for Sane and Asuka to defend their tag titles on NXT this Wednesday against fan favorites Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai, I don’t expect them to drop the titles. Sure, Sane lost the match tonight but that didn’t take away from how strong she has finally been booked.

The Kabuki Warriors dumping Paige prior to the match was a great idea to push their heel characters further.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

Lynch continued to show why she is on top of the division and has been all year. She meshed very well with Sane to the point that I want to see them again down the road.

Commentary mentioned that Sane and Asuka are the only two that have defeated Lynch this year and that is impressive. I am interested to see who will be Lynch’s next opponent. If they keep Charlotte and Nattie as a team then it will be refreshing for whoever it is and Becky will continue to show why she is where she is right now.

LOSER: Paige

It is hard to give a loser this week because in general the women were well represented, however, from a storyline perspective Paige came up on the losing end. The Kabuki Warriors dumped their manager leaving her with a green face and without a spot on tv.

Although Paige has been out due to having recent surgery, she seems to still be ready to be an active part of weekly television. She has been a panelist on WWE’s Backstage as of late. What is next for Paige?

Some other thoughts:

Catalina (who is apparently going by “Carolina”) debuting was refreshing. I liked seeing someone new. I hope they keep her with Sin Cara for the time being. I want to see her versus Zelina. Let’s book it.

The IIconcs finally getting back on tv was a plus but not enough to land them in the winner’s column. They did put on a great match though showcasing why they were tag team champs even though they were never used then. They need a second reign to showcase how good they truly are.

Nattie and Charlotte’s pairing was a great idea and personally I want that to stick.

I am on the fence with Lana. The storyline has been done so many times before, especially with her. Tonight’s segment was at least progressing the story so there is that. If we have whoever Rusev “cheated” on her with as she claims show up then it may be worth it depending on who it is. If it doesn’t go that route then this storyline has run its course.

What were your thoughts on RAW this week and who are your Winners & Losers?

Check back in with Diva Dirt on Wednesday for the live coverage of NXT.

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