Winners & Losers: RAW Reunion 07/22/19


The RAW Reunion is officially over and there were many women featured at the event. One thing that is still confusing is why Alicia Fox was grouped in with the alums when she is on the current roster. Regardless it was great to see her and how happy she was, especially in the ring at the end of the show. Let’s all agree that she is already a legend.

There wasn’t a woman’s match at this event which was a letdown. They could have definitely added in at least one match seeing as they had a Braun Strowman squash match for no reason. With the number of women that returned they could have at least put together a match for some of them such as Melina or Kaitlyn.

The main focus for the women were the alums fighting for the 24/7 Championship. Kelly Kelly became the first woman in history to win the title. This changed as Candice Michelle won it from Kelly and Alundra Blayze won it from Candice.

Blayze would later sell the title to Ted DiBiase instead of dropping it in a trash can. This was an homage to when she dropped the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash when she went to WCW. The title would get back around to R-Truth who was the original titleholder going into the night. He leaves in a limo with Rene Michelle as Drake Maverick is left kicking and screaming as Carmella stands by watching.

The RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, was the guest on A Moment of Bliss this week. Lynch didn’t get a chance to even open her mouth before Natalya comes out. The two exchange some words which caused Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to just sip their coffee in the background. Their words quickly led to the two exchanging blows. The two were broken up by officials.

Since there wasn’t a woman’s match of the night, their brawl could have maybe happened earlier in the night and the two could have brawled backstage throughout the night. Just a thought.

It was good to see all the returning women. At least they let the majority of them interact instead of just standing on stage. It would have been nice to see Melina at least get her entrance after all these years.

Chyna was mentioned by Road Dogg as D-Generation X were all together in the ring. Her spirit was definitely present for RAW Reunion.

Let’s discuss the Winners & Losers this week.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly became the first woman to become the 24/7 Champion. Although after all the work Carmella has put into the storyline it would have been nice if she would have received this honor. Regardless, at least they decided to finally involve the women even if it was a one-off with the alums.

WINNERS: Carmella and Renee Michelle

Both of these ladies are doing a wonderful job involving themselves in the 24/7 Championship storyline. This is really what is missing nowadays as a connection when the women are paired with the men but with a purpose. Renee Michelle is actually a great talent not just outside the ring but inside the ring as well. Hopefully, she officially gets signed and starts having some matches. Her facing Carmella would be a nice start.

WINNER: Natalya

Natalya is doing a great job so far with her work on the mic against “The Man.” Her backstage interview after her brawl with the champion showed more personality and fire from her then we have seen in a while. It isn’t very clear as to who is supposed to be the heel between these two. Natalya hasn’t always been the best at playing a heel character so it will be interesting how this will work out.

LOSER: There really weren’t any losers this week. As a wrap up from seeing all the legends in the ring at the end of the show, we will abstain from having any losers from RAW this week.

Who would your Winners & Losers be for this week’s RAW? Did you enjoy the RAW Reunion? What else would you have liked to have seen? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!

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