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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 06/18/19

SmackDown Live this week was the last moment for the superstars to grab the upper hand heading into Stomping Grounds on June 23. For the women, there wasn’t a match on this week’s show. None. Zero. We will get into that more a little later.

Alexa Bliss hosted another A Moment of Bliss segment with Bayley. Nikki Cross continued to serve as Bliss’ co-host if you will.

Bayley drank Bliss’ coffee, Bliss in-turn said that the champ dresses like she works for Forever 21, you know, the good stuff. Bayley calls out her challenger for treating Cross like she treated Nia Jax and Mickie James in the past (no love for Alicia Fox I guess). She followed this up by calling the Goddess an entitled little princess who doesn’t deserve a thing.

After a few more words were exchanged they came to blows. Cross attempted to break it up but seems to continue to not know who to trust in the long run. She seems to be siding with Bliss for now as the segment ended.

Zelina Vega accused Apollo Crews few flirting with her in a backstage segment.

After weeks of no call/no show from the Kabuki Warriors, they are finally on SmackDown! The duo along with their manager Paige was involved in backstage banter with The IIconics. Paige mentioned that the tour of Tokyo is coming up shortly and that her team wants a shot at the gold.

Carmella/Ember Moon/Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville were all used backstage as well. Carmella was looking for R Truth and Moon was looking for Fire and Desire. Moon found them and after some verbal exchange involving donuts, it did get physical.

Let’s get into the winners and losers for this week, shall we? This may just be the quickest list in history.

WINNER: Nikki Cross

Her facial expressions are everything. During the smack talk between Bayley and Alexa Bliss watching Cross’ reaction was probably the best part. This may be an unpopular opinion but Bliss and Bayley are far more interesting than Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans on the RAW side at this point. Even though they are generally arguing over social media for some reason it feels more relatable than the Lacey Evans/Becky Lynch feud.

WINNERS: The Kabuki Warriors

YAY! They were actually on television for once after over a months absence for no apparent reason. Sure there wasn’t a match, but at least this is two nights in a row WWE has been doing something with the tag team division. As little as it was, we have to take what they give. Baby steps. The mock of “IICONIC” at the end was comical.

LOSERS: The Fans

It may be a cop out, but the fans are the losers this week. Where we may have seen almost every female on the roster this week (still no Liv Morgan) there was no match. NO MATCH! I mean how do you have a pay-per-view in a few days and no match to make it seem worthwhile. Bayley couldn’t have wrestled Nikki Cross? Carmella and Ember couldn’t have teamed up to face The IIconics? Nothing.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown Live? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Check in next week for more from Winners & Losers. Hopefully, there will be more to talk about? Maybe?

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