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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 12.18.20


Ding Dong! Hello! – We had another SmackDown where the women of the brand were well represented throughout. Three cohesive storylines A big match between Bayley and Bianca Belair was had along with Billie Kay finding her partner of the week while Carmella looking strong heading into the TLC pay-per-view. Let’s get into it!

First, we have a match between The Riott Squad and Billie Kay with a partner of her choosing. Last week Kay had found Natalya to be her partner through heavy research and her qualifications listed on her resume. Although she had the veteran on her side, the two would fail to pick up a win. This week, Kay challenged the squad again and said she had a new partner in place.

The Riott Squad defeated Billie Kay & Tamina

Billie Kay found herself her partner this week as Tamina. This wasn’t a huge surprise as Tamina is really the only woman left on the roster who is currently active. The Riott Squad shows some great teamwork as always with them isolating Kay at the end of the match by knocking Tamina off the apron. Liv Morgan would pick up the pin on Kay.

My thoughts are still firm that breaking up The IIconics to just have the two of them put in random tag teams was a bad idea. However, at least with Kay, this highlights her humor. Not sure how much longer they can continue this week after week partner idea unless they finally move some women from NXT up to the roster. If this somehow brings up the Robert Stone Brand I wouldn’t be mad at it.

Following this match, we had the Champagne Toast segment by Carmella.

During the toast, Carmella says she knows that she already has Sasha beat. The SmackDown Women’s Champion got herself disqualified last week according to Carmella because she felt her precious title slipping from her grasps. She adds that Banks always has to be the best and once she wins the title from her on Sunday, she won’t know what to do. As she ended her promo, Carmella snapped her finger for her assistant to give her a glass of champagne. She called it cheap and frantic, just like Sasha Banks.

Once Banks had heard enough, her music hits. Carmella’s assistance leaves the ring to cut off The Boss on the ramp. Banks however wasn’t coming from the back. She showed up in the ring and threw a champagne glass at Carmella and then took her down. Banks tried to lock in the bank statement but Carmella fought it off as her assistant came back into the ring and pulled Banks off. Banks would then slap her assistant and go for a backstabber.

Much like last week, Carmella smashes another champagne bottle over the back of the SmackDown Women’s Champion to end the segment.

Let’s pause for a second and admire this attire….

Lastly, we have the advertised match between Bayley and Bianca Belair. This was a highly anticipated match to see these two finally go at it. A new rivalry that will go on a bit longer with Belair hopefully getting the last laugh.

Bayley defeated Bianca Belair

What I will say about this match is the athleticism from Belair, my lord! but we already knew that. It just impresses me every time. The final moments of the match saw Bayley attempt to cheat by using the ropes for leverage to get the pin. The referee saw it and Belair countered it into an excellent pin of her own but Bayley kicked out.

Moments later, Belair would stack Bayley up and get a near fall. She went to lift her up and the shoulders fell again for a near fall. Belair finally got Bayley up but Bayley raked the eyes without the referee seeing it. She then delivered the Rose Plant to pick up the victory.

I thought this was a solid first match between the two. It is far from over and eventually, I see Bayley helping Belair get over and elevate her. What I felt was good about this match is I could have seen it going either way. The way it went was done well and I am excited to see more from these two. I wish they were on the upcoming pay-per-view.

Let’s get into the Winners & Losers of the week for SmackDown.

WINNERS: The Riott Squad

It is good seeing them stringing some wins together. As the new year approaches they need to be next in line for the tag titles and win them. I can see that happening either way after the Women’s Tag Team Title match on Sunday at TLC. If Nia and Shayna retain then I can see the Riott Squad finally getting the win over them. If Asuka and her mystery partner win, I can see it being a short reign.

WINNER: Carmella

Carmella certainly has the upper hand going into the pay-per-view. Week after week she seems to get the better of the exchange with Sasha, for the most part. I give it a very slim chance that she will take the title from Sasha on Sunday, so it is good they are letting her shine heading into that match.

I am a big fan of her entrance, theme, etc. I may be in the minority with that, but I dig it.

WINNERS: Bayley and Bianca Belair

They put on a solid first match between the two and did it in a way of me wanting more and I appreciate that. These two have good chemistry I feel both in-ring and with their promos. It makes sense for this to continue to at least the Royal Rumble, if not further.

As for the losers this week, I don’t really feel as though anyone would be in that category. The blue brand has been delivering pretty well. I feel that with Billie Kay, this new partner weekly is at least humorous and she is doing well with it. I will hold judgment to see how it continues next week.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Who were your Winners & Losers? Speaking of Winners, check back in with Diva Dirt this weekend to see the results of the Fan Awards!

TLC takes place this Sunday as well, so check back in with Diva Dirt for that discussion post and any news, rumors, and results.