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Winners & Losers: SmackDown 08/27/19

It comes as no surprise that SmackDown continues to push the women’s division to the side this week. Luckily we must have been good fans because we were actually graced with a match. Last week there wasn’t a single womens match and instead we were treated to just A Moment of Bliss segment.

We see Bayley facing off against Lacey Evans in a non-title fight. Prior to the match, Bayley is seen talking backstage with Ember Moon. Moon states that she is still handling her loss to Bayley from SummerSlam in her own way. Despite this and until they meet again she confirms that Bayley is the face of the SmackDown women’s division and Charlotte Flair is not. She states that the best woman won at SummerSlam.

Lacey Evans then approach the duo. She states that Bayley brings down the title and that she is the face of the division instead (although she is on RAW?). The two chuckle at the thought of Evans being the face. Evans lets the nasties know that she will prove it as she faces Bayley later on.

The match itself was very well done. It was a good length and showcased both women rather nicely. There were also times where Evans picking up a win seemed to be a possibility over the champion.

Charlotte Flair came down to the ring to watch and scope out her opponent for Clash of Champions. Flair didn’t interfere at all during the match and clapped at the end pandering to Bayley. Evans focused on her opponent’s left arm throughout their bout. She would hit her moonsault from the top rope but only gets a two count. The action would spill outside and both women got back into the ring at the count of nine to avoid a double count-out.

After a couple of Bayley to Bellys that didn’t put away the Sassy Southern Belle, the champ was able to pick up a win by delivering an elbow off the top rope. This was the same result that she had on Nikki Cross from RAW the night before.

As for the Winners & Losers, it is getting harder and harder to define these with the lack of women on both shows. Hopefully, SmackDown may have more female representation once they move to Fox, but that remains to be seen.

It is hard to give either woman a loser nod this week. Although Evans lost she put on a good show. Bayley won and looked strong doing it, so no loser there. Charlotte Flair didn’t do much but stand at the ring and give facial expressions, but that hardly constitutes her for being on the loser pile. Perhaps Ember Moon could be considered on the loser list because instead of going for the title again she is pushed aside for Flair.

Regardless, not trying to beat a dead horse here but more women really need to start being showcased on both shows again. Overall there are nearly 30 women between both rosters. We are lucky if barely 10 of them are being used. It is understood some are out due to injury and others may be out due to other reasons at the moment, but there is still plenty of unutilized talent.

In a WWE Exclusive Bayley continues to push for the women of SmackDown to compete against her. The Hugger mentions Carmella, Zelina Vega, Kairi Sane, and Liv Morgan. Stating she isn’t being given the chance to show what the women of SmackDown are capable of is a truthful statement. She wants to know where these women are at and that she also wants to prove to Charlotte Flair that she is not bringing down the division.

What were your thoughts on this week’s SmackDown Live? Would you categorize any of the women from tonights show to be in the loser column? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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