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Winners & Losers: SummerSlam 08.23.20

SummerSlam the ThunderDome edition has come and gone. A highly entertaining show saw two women’s championship matches and a grudge match in which the loser had to leave WWE.

Asuka‘s Challenge Pt 1.

The first match of the night saw Asuka challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Asuka would also be out for revenge after Bayley attacked and essentially “ended” Kairi Sane‘s WWE career.

The match started with a fast pace as Asuka took it to Bayley, targetting her troublesome right arm and shoulder. Asuka remained in control with a diving DDT from the ring steps to the floor, as a concerned Sasha Banks watched on helplessly.

The two Grand Slam champions kept up the thrilling action with near falls, submissions and strong strikes. The champ seemed to have the match won when she hit a Bayley to Belly from out of nowhere only for Asuka to kick out at the very last millisecond.

Bayley targetted Asuka’s knees by driving them viciously into the ring apron followed by a kneebar. But Asuka managed to get to the ropes to break the hold.

Out of desparation, Bayley would break out the elbow drop from the top turnbuckle but Asuka would counter it into an armbar. Banks would get in close to the action to distract Asuka from making Bayley tap. The plan would work and Asuka would release the hold to kick Banks in the face.

Banks would take another bullet for Bayley when she was taken out by a hip attack from Asuka to the outside. The momentary confusion allowed Bayley to roll up Asuka in a schoolgirl for the hard-fought victory.

After the match, Sasha would leap into the ring and lay into Asuka with a barrage of fists. Bayley was not far behind and the Golden Role Models would make sure that Asuka’s second match of the night against Banks would be even more difficult.

This was a really good, strong match. Both competitors really laid it in and put in a hell of a performance. Bayley and Asuka’s styles mesh very well, whihc always makes for excellent im-ring action. And this match was no different and started off the show perfectly. The result may have been a predicatable but added further interest and intrigue to Asuka’s second challenge later on in the night.

Loser Leaves WWE

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville’s grudge escalted to the point where Sonya made their match No Disqualification, Loser leaves WWE.

Sonya and Mandy wasted little time in beating the hell out of each other. Stiff shot followed stiff shot with Rose being the aggressor early on in the match.

Sonya’s superior technical skills would come into play and she would tie up Rose in a nasty looking Dragon Sleeper. Rose would persevered and countered into a pinfall casuing Deville to break the hold.

Rose would set up a table at ringside and use it fire off some viscious and inventive sliding chair throws.

Mandy would end the match with a tri-fecta of running knee strikes for the victory and Sonya now has to leave WWE.

This was a good match. However, something just didn’t click and the violence didn’t match the intensity of the feud. Both Rose and Deville must be applauded for their efforts after what they went through in their personal lives. The result was the right one with Deville taking some much deserved and needed time away. Rose getting the win means she can finally move on from Deville after feuding for most of 2020.

Asuka’s Challenge Pt 2.

Asuka’s second match of the night came next and she came in wearing the battle scars of her previous match with Bayley. Banks was cocky and confident would instantly target injured her knee. Asuka would fight back with kicks and submissions of her own.

Sasha would take control of the match when she hit Asuka with a disgusting powerbomb to the outside.

Asuka would comeback slamming Banks face first followed by a beautiful transition from a kneebar to an ankle lock.

A Codebreaker from Banks would see momentum shift once more bit a missed Frog Splash would allow a fantastic sequence of submission holds as Banks would counter the Asuka Lock into the Banks Statement and vice versa.

Bayley would return the favour to Banks and eat a spinning back fist. Another Banks Statement attempt was countered by Asuka into the Asuka Lock for the submission win and RAW Women’s Championship.

This was another brilliant match. Intense action, close falls and great submssion sequences made for encapsulating viewing. The result makes sense as it puts the belt back on Asuka while furthering The Golden Role Models “will they won’t they” dynamic.

Now the action is over, lets get to the winners and losers.

Winner: Asuka

Not one, but two tremendous performances from Asuka. Despite losing her first championship match, Asuka fought and battled her way to walk away with the RAW Women’s Championship. The win now gives her that meaningful title victory and once again prove that she one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Asuka will have little time to celebrate with Shayna Baszler staking her claim to be next challenger. As two absolute killers in the ring, this potential match up will be incredible. Much looking forward to it.

Winner: Bayley

Bayley was on top form at SummerSlam. Her in-ring skills were top-notch and her heel work was excellent. After winning the match she celebrated by kicking out at the virtual spectators, which was hilarious and further testament to her MVP status.

Credit: WWE

Bayley retaining the SmackDown Women’s Championship was the right call as she has been phenomenal as the champ plus it further complicates her and Banks’ relationship.

Winners: Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

After what these two went through this week what they did at SummerSlam was nothing short of incredible. Their feud has been one of, if not the best thing on WWE programming all year. And while the match may have not the send it off it deserved, it was still a fitting end.

It will now be interesting to see where Mandy goes from here and how she be used going forward. She has massively improved in the ring and it will be great to see her continue to do so in another purposeful and meaningful feud.

Hopefully, Deville rests and recovers after her ordeal and returns to carry on where she left off when she good and ready.

Loser: Sasha Banks

Five RAW Women’s Championship reigns and not one successful defence. While it may not by a record befitting someone with a legacy of Sasha Banks, it does make for further dissension between her and Bayley.

Bayley not assisting her as she did for Bayley during her match will no doubt be the next chapter in their 3/4 year impending feud. Hopefully, when she captures the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Bayley, she will be able to complete her first successful defence.

Final Thoughts

A cracking event that saw the end to one of the best feuds of 2020 while giving us two excellent title matches. Storylines were furthered and new challenges introduced, which is exactly what we want out of a PPV.

What did you make of SummerSlam? Let us know in the comments below. As always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your WWE news, reviews and updates.

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