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Winners & Losers: WrestleMania 36 Day 2 04.05.20

Day 1 and 2 of the most unique, strangest and genuinely intriguing WrestleMania ever is complete. Day 1 received praise and plaudits for the highly energetic and intense matches that took place. Now that we are somewhat adjusted to the jarring and bizarre format, how did tonight’s show fair and compare to yesterday’s?

Let’s find out.

On tonight’s show we were treated to three women’s matches on the card the first being;

Liv Morgan vs Natalya

This match took place on the kick-off show with Liv Morgan looking to prove herself against one of the most experienced veterans in all WWE, Natalya.

Nattie would use all of the experience and strength to dominate and overpower Liv throughout the match.

Morgan would persevere and secure the victory with a surprise roll-up victory. The match was ok and nothing really to write home about but Liv Morgan won her first ever singles PPV match and at WrestleMania no less.

Day 2 kicked off with the first ever NXT championship match to take place at WrestleMania

Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair – NXT Women’s Championship

Things got physical quickly as Charlotte chopped and taunted Ripley early on. Ripley would counter and hit Flair with the Riptide for an early two count.

The physicality turned to brutality as Charlotte would begin to target and destroy Ripley’s right knee. Ripley would sell the knee amazingly, screaming in pain and frustration that really heightened the in-ring storytelling.

This was easily Charlotte’s biggest challenge in months and it was great to see Ripley really take it to the most decorated women’s wrestler in WWE history.

Charlotte Flair would continue to take out Ripley’s knee and batter her vicious forearm and elbow strikes. Charlotte’s tactics would pay dividends as she would tap out Ripley with the figure eight to become the new NXT Women’s Champion.

This was one of the most physical and brutal women’s matches in WWE history as the powerhouses literally beat the living hell out of eachother. This was an extremely impressive showing from both Flair and Ripley as their intense and smashmouth styles welded perfectly.

The result does, however, leave us with many questions such as why build Rhea up to dethrone Baszler for the title only to lose it on such a grand stage?

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers on Wednesday when Charlotte returns to the brand, in which she made her name.

Despite the loss Ripley looked like a superstar and Charlotte reminded everyone just how good she really is.

A fantastic, first-class and Grade-A match and a great way to start the second night of WrestleMania.

Later on in the night, we got to Mandy Rose make an appearance during the Otis and Dolph Ziggler match to get her revenge on Sonya Deville.

On one hand I was genuinley happy when Otis and Mandy kissed and on the other I was gutted that Fire and Desire are no more.

Good fun though, very enjoyable and the perfect ending to this chapter to one of the best and most enthralling storylines in years.

Later on, we got a surprise appearance from Bianca Belair who attacked Zelina Vega and seemingly join the Street Profits and RAW. If so this offers up an array of interesting options for the women’s division and Becky Lynch‘s next challenger.

Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Naomi vs Tamina vs Lacey Evans – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Tamina was the target after overpowering and dominating for a long time. Tamina would fall victim to an array of arial attacks from all her opponants to see her first eliminated.

Sasha Banks and Bayley would team up and double team Naomi to elimanate her second.

Banks and Bayley would turn their attentions to Lacey Evans but Bayley would inadvertently take out Banks with a knee.

Inevitably Banks would confront Bayley and during the argument, Evans would smash Banks with the Women’s Right to eliminate Banks.

After a phyiscal back and forth between Bayley and Evans, Banks would interfere to allow Bayley the victory.

This was good albiet rushed match. The result means that they are continuning the story between Banks and Bayley

For the Winners and Losers sections please check out the video below;

What did you think of the show and the results, oh and my video? Let us know below and we’ll hopefully see you again soon.

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