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Women of Wrestling Episode 4: Kelly Kelly


Stew and Lee: So where in the world has the Women of Wrestling Podcast been for these last couple of months? Good question, dear listener… but while we ponder that one, why not sit back and enjoy a stopgap chat with WWE’s very own Kelly Kelly. Yes, you read that correctly. An abbreviated interview, but nevertheless, Lee had a lot of fun. Find out about breaking into the business, where she sees herself now and who her closest friends are on the road. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Rumble, on Worldwide PPV on January 31st. Also on the show, find out about the 2009 match of the year and news of a forthcoming all women’s promotion in the United Kingdom.

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Melanie: This really is a great listen and perhaps will open eyes towards Kelly for the majority of Diva fans. She came across extremely friendly, personable, sweet and funny. I can’t say she didn’t grow on me just that little bit more after listening. Lots of great talk about how she feels about short TV matches on Raw, what it’s like in the Divas lockerroom and also listen out for a funny Maryse comment! Thank you to the wonderful Stew and Lee as always and a round of applause is in order for Lee I think, what a fabulous interviewer!

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