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Women of Wrestling Podcast Episode 13 with SHIMMER Founder, Dave Prazak


You know how they say 13 is “unlucky for some”? Well, us too. We had intended to bring you our first double-shot show featuring interviews with both Allison Danger (discussing her big announcement) and Dave Prazak (discussing SHIMMER’s upcoming tapings this month), but through circumstances beyond any of our control, Danger’s announcement has been on hold for well over a week. While we wait for that, we’ve taken the decision to split the show and present our interview with Prazak, complete with a newly recorded intro segment where we get a chance to discuss the sad passing of Luna Vachon and we take a cautious look at what WWE have in store for NXT Season 3. Then it’s off to the time machine for the Prazak segment, recorded a week ago, where we discuss upcoming tapings, the success stories in SHIMMER history, the promotion’s business model and the evils of downloading. Oh, we also ask whether a certain bald headed ex WWE star (and SHIMMER alumni) might show up at the Eagles Club…

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