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Women’s Wrestling: What It Means To Me

Hello, fans! Welcome back to the Mykeldom!

This time, instead of comparing wrestlers, or throwing joke shade, I want to foster a conversation here on Diva-Dirt about the reason we are all here: Women’s Wrestling. We are all fans here, we are all passionate, and we, I have seen, will defend our favourites and drag a company if they aren’t doing right by the women. I am part of that community, you are part of that community, and it’s a beautiful thing in many respects.

I was spurred initially into writing this when Evolution happened but was told that it was too much of an opinion piece and not to come off as a fan by the powers that were. So I’d like to thank the powers we have now and the powers we had when we started for allowing me to have free rein of my writings and opinions, and not forcing me to into a box.

I am a fan of women’s wrestling, always have been, always will be. Which is why I wrote less. There can be debates about whether or not I’m a “writer”, “journalist” or even “professional”, which I never once claimed to or wanted to be, but the thing that brought me to the dance in 2017 was my love of the women across the board, whether I was a fan or not, who stepped into the ring.

Lacy Evans
Credit: WWE

I had sat with this article idea, like others, for a while, and this week, after seeing Natalya and Lacey Evans at Crown Jewel, and watching the Kabuki Warriors and Team Kick delivers one of the best women’s tag matches I ever saw… I felt compelled as the Op-Ed writer to actually give my opinion.

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