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WrestleMania Fantasy Face-Off: Maryse vs Michelle McCool vs Gail Kim

While WrestleMania’s 25 Diva battle royal might be a dream come true for some Diva fans, its a train wreck waiting to happen for most. What happened to the good ol’, one-on-one matchups. Well for the next few weeks leading up to WrestleMania, Diva Dirt will be  bringing you the  Wrestlemania dream matches that we wish would happen or might even happen in the future. Welcome to WrestleMania Fantasy Face-Off!

Match 3: Maryse vs Michelle McCool vs Gail Kim in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the Divas Championship 
The Setup:

The week after winning the Divas Championship, Maryse has a huge celebration set up. ‘The Sexiest of the Sexy’ comes to the ring flanked by 6 men in suits, holding her newly won butterfly belt. She complains that things are not ‘sexy enough’. She gestures to her man-tourage, who promptly rip off the top halves of their suits to reveal massive biceps and ripped abs. ‘That’s better’ she says with a mischievous grin. She goes on, saying she’s the top diva on Smackdown and there’s not a diva on Smackdown that holds a candle to her. She’s interrupted by unfamiliar music. Gail Kim comes out and the crowd goes wild. Maryse looks outraged and starts yelling in rapid french. 
Gail gets on the mic and tells Maryse that she better enjoy the title while she can, because plans on taking it off of her hands. Maryse tells her to come get it and Gail runs to the ring. The two Divas brawl. Gail leaves Maryse laid out in the middle of the ring and holds the belt over her head. 
The next week Gail teams up with Maria to take on Maryse and Natalya. Gail pins Maryse for the win, but is attacked by Michelle McCool. Backstage Michelle tells Eve that she deserves a rematch and she not going to let some has-been take that away from her. Two weeks later McCool takes on Gail. Towards the end McCool hits the Faith Breaker and goes for the pin. Gail gets her foot on the bottom rope, but the ref doesn’t see it and counts the three. Gail complains to Vickie Guerrero and she grants her a rematch. 
The next week Gail takes on McCool again with Maryse at ringside. The match is thrown out when Maryse attacks Gail. Maryse and Michelle join forces to assault Gail until someone comes from the back to assist her. It’s Angela Fong! Angela takes out the two heels and helps Kim to her feet. The next week Gail introduces Angela as her little sister, Alana Kim. The sister duo take on Michelle and Maryse that night for a win. Vickie comes out after the match and announces that the Divas Championship will be defended at WrestleMania in a Elimination Match and both McCool and Kim will be involved. 
The Outcome: 
Out first is Gail, accompanied by Alana, to huge pop. Next is McCool to lots of heat. Finally is the champ, Maryse to a mix of boos and cat-calls. The bell rings and the two heels go straight for Kim. They work on her for a few minutes before tying her up in The Tree of Woe. They take turns kicking her until Michelle welcomes Maryse to finish her off. Maryse goes for the baseball slide only to be clotheslined by McCool. Pin and kickout at two. Alana goes to untie Gail and is attacked by Michelle. Maryse uses the distraction to roll Michelle up for the three. Michelle McCool eliminated. 
Gail finally gets her wits about her and goes on the offensive. The Divas exchange forearms until Maryse kicks Gail’s knee, sending her to the mat. Maryse stays in control, despite a offensive flurry by Gail. Irish Whip by Maryse and out of nowhere, Gail locks in the Headscissors Armbar in the middle of the ring. Maryse reaches for the ropes desperately, but can’t make it. Gail wins via submission. Alana runs in the ring and the sisters celebrate. 
What do you think? Would you tune in or tune out? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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