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Sources say WrestleMania main event keeps options for Becky Lynch open

It appears that the picture regarding the women’s titles and WrestleMania main event is becoming clearer, especially in the case of the future of Becky Lynch.

This afternoon, Tom Colohue, a freelance writer for PWTorch, shared information he received from sources within WWE regarding the main event with Kristen Ashly of Diva Dirt.

According to Colohue’s first source, Vince McMahon likes to keep his options open for the Superstar Shake-up, leaving plans for Becky Lynch wide open.

“Vince always stays quiet around Shake-up time. He likes to keep his options open and this means Becky can stay on Smackdown.”

The second source hints at the idea that McMahon would prefer to keep Becky at SmackDown Live ahead of their move to FOX, but recognizes her need to hold a title.

“If it’s one-on-one, Rousey taps and Becky goes to Raw, or Becky’s dead in the water. Vince doesn’t like either of those options. Adding another title as well adds better options.”

During last week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Charlotte Flair faced Asuka in a title match, in what Fightful reported as a sudden change of plans. Flair won the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Asuka, adding a second title to the triple-threat match set as the main event in this year’s WrestleMania. The triple-threat, as of the time this article is being written, is for the Raw Women’s Championship, between Ronda Rousey, Flair and Lynch.

Thought it’s still unclear what, if any, stipulations will be added to the match to produce a desired outcome, it’s clear that Vince McMahon has very specific ideas for Lynch.

What do you think Vince McMahon has up his sleeve for Becky Lynch? What do you think the outcome of the triple-threat will be? Let us know in the comments below.

*Please credit Diva Dirt and Tom Colohue for any quotes or source information used from this article.

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