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Wrestlicious No Longer Airing on Mav TV and Bite TV

Wrestlicious TakeDown will no longer air on Mav TV in the US or Bite TV in Canada, Diva Dirt has learned.

Nine of the 13 episodes scheduled for season one aired on the two networks, however after a brief hiatus in June, the series was not brought back for the final four episodes which began airing earlier this month on America One.

Bite TV executive producer Jason Agnew tells Diva Dirt that the show will ‘no longer be airing’ on the network, as well as Mav TV, “due to the change in direction and aesthetics the series has taken.” It should be noted that Mav TV will continue to air re-runs of episodes one through nine.

I’m told that the networks didn’t respond well to the final four episodes [dubbed ‘TakeDown on Tour’] being filmed at real wrestling venues, preferring the studio feel of the first nine episodes.

Meanwhile, Wrestlicious producer, Johnny Cafarella says that the show will return to a studio for season two and both networks have expressed interest in airing the next season.

Wrestlicious TakeDown episodes will, however, continue to be posted online at Episode 10 is expected to be posted this week.

The show will continue to air new episodes on America One, Tuff TV and The Fight Network.

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