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WSU Launching TV Series

More women’s wrestling is coming to your TV screens in 2010… kinda! Women Superstars Uncensored is to launch its own TV series, ‘UNCENSORED’ to air in Canada and online.

The 15 minute weekly show will not feature any matches, rather give fans behind the scenes access to the WSU stars. The show is set to debut in April on the Fight Network and online via

WSU issued the following on their website:

“UNCENSORED” will not be your standard wrestling show. “UNCENSORED” will give you behind-the-scenes access at WSU events and will open the doors to the people & stars of WSU. Each episode will be 10-15 minutes, and not only will the episodes air on the FIGHT network in Canada, but they will also be available online at

WSU does not want to mislead our fans. This will not be a regular TV show with matches. This show is being designed to complement the WSU DVD series. This show will be used to feature WSU stars in ways you’ve never seen them before. The show will also be short, as we do not want to burn out our fans and we want every minute to be explosive.

WSU is aware other indy companies promise big things with their TV deals. WSU wants to let everyone know that this is just one step in the right direction. We are not promising to change the world, but we plan on offering free entertainment to you, 10-15 minutes a week through “UNCENSORED”. This deal is a deal that hopefully will give WSU more notice and notoriety. We are not trying to compete with anyone nor are we pretending that we are reinventing the wheel. “UNCENSORED” will simply be a show that will give everyone the inside scoops and latest news in WSU.

WSU is a company that supports itself through footage (DVD/VOD) sales. Instead of full matches airing on “UNCENSORED”, fans will be able to get to know the wrestlers, see what it is like to be a wrestler and understand the importance of many matches in WSU. New concepts will be implemented during the course of “UNCENSORED”.

WSU will continue to offer the very best and quality women wrestling shows through our live events & DVDs. “UNCENSORED” will be the show to understand & appreciate the hardest working women in professional wrestling today. Each episode of “UNCENSORED” will be used to promote future WSU events, future WSU Title Matches & give you all the latest on-goings in WSU.

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