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WSU News & Notes: Kristin Astara Video on WSU Debut & More

The following was issued by WSU:

WSU Announces 12/11 Joint Show with NWS

WHAT: WSU Returns on 12/11 with our final show of the year!
WHERE: The Dunellen Knights of Columbus at 647 Grove Street in Dunellen, NJ
WHEN: December 11, 2010
TICKET INFORMATION: $19 Adults/$17 Kids/Seniors
TICKET ORDERING Info: Call 732-888-1704 or email [email protected]

BREAKING NEWS: Krissy Vaine introduces herself to WSU fans in this following video:

It should be interesting to see what Krissy Vaine, er excuse us, what Kristin Astara brings to WSU on 12/11!

Jennifer Cruz Gives Hint on Mystery Partner:

Jennifer Cruz told today that when she challenges for the WSU Tag Team titles on 12/11 her mystery partner will be someone that has never appeared in WSU before. Cruz would not give out any more details, only to say that “We will cleanse WSU of the filth that permeates the company, and on 12/11 we start with the Belle Saints.”

It should be interesting to see who Cruz brings to WSU on 12/11.

Previously announced information:

Coming off the heels of our successful debut on iPPV, WSU has announced one more show for 2010, as WSU teams up with our big brother promotion, NWS. WSU has been working with NWS since our inception in March 2007, and this will be another WSU/NWS joint show, featuring 6 WSU matches.



Winner Gets a Contract To Challenge For Any Championship in WSU Whenever They Want
Battle of Former WSU World Champions
Alicia vs Nikki Roxx

For the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship
(c) Angel Orsini vs Athena

Krissy Vaine vs Niya

Submission Match
Jana vs Cindy Rogers

Intergender Battle
Melissa Coates vs Rick Cataldo

For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) The Belles Saints vs Jennifer Cruz & a Mystery Partner

Also appearing on the card will be ECW original Little Guido aka Nunzio and the stars of NWS in three NWS matches!

When WSU returns on 12/11, we will see a collection of what makes WSU stand out out on the womens wrestling scene, as we will see top stars, big debuts, intense rivalries and budding up and coming talent.

When WSU returns live on 12/11, we will be presenting “Alicia/Roxx II”. Alicia & Nikki Roxx are both former WSU World Champions. Alicia has done it all in WSU, as she’s a former 2-time WSU World Champion, a 2-time Spirit Champion, a WSU Tag Champion & the winner of the 2010 J-Cup & King/Queen tournaments. Roxx is a former WSU World Champion and was also the 2009 WSU Uncensored Rumble winner, where she defeated 19 women in one night.

The accomplishments these two have had in WSU and in womens wrestling have been amazing. While this match is major enough on its own and is our headlining match on 12/11, WSU has decided to up the ante.

The winner of Alicia/Roxx II will receive an open contract to challenge for any championship in WSU, any time, any place, any show in the year 2011. The contract must be used in 2011 or the contract will be considered null and void come 1/1/12.

This is drastic and shattering news for the current champions in WSU. Both Alicia & Roxx will be fighting for the opportunity to challenge for any champion any time they want, and on their terms. You would have to think that these two are interested in the top prize in WSU – the WSU World Title. This could be very unsettling for WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, who already has a hectic schedule as the longest reigning and defending champion in all of womens wrestling today.

Both Alicia & Roxx have fallen short to Martinez in classic match of the year candidates. However, Alicia & Roxx are competing for the right to use the element of surprise. It is not guaranteed that the winner of Alicia & Roxx will go right for the World Title, as the contract allows the winner of the match to also get a Spirit, All Guts No Glory or Tag Title shot. But the smart money is that Martinez or whoever the WSU World Champion may be, better be ready.

For the first time in three years, we will see two former WSU world champions collide, as Alicia does battle with Nikki Roxx. Alicia became the first WSU World Champion when she defeated Nikki Roxx in a tournament final on 7/14/2007. Alicia would also make her second title defense against Roxx. When Alicia left wrestling in December 2007, Nikki Roxx would eventually become champion when she defeated Tammy “Sunny” Sytch on 3/21/08.

Both Alicia & Roxx have been with WSU since its inception and have been involved in many high profile matches as WSU World Champion. In recent times, both have come up short in WSU World title matches with current champion Mercedes Martinez. A win in this battle of former champions will skyrocket the winner to a future championship match, as both are looking to reclaim WSU gold. If this match is like their previous matches, this match will be an explosive battle.

Angel Orsini has been running roughshod again in WSU since debuting her All Guts, No Glory Championship. The former WSU World Champion, who is not allowed a WSU World Title match due to a stipulation when she lost the Ironwoman match agains Mercedes Martinez on 6/6/09, has reinvented herself in WSU, as the AGNG Champion. Orsini plans on making her championship a championship equal in prestige to the WSU World title. Orsini is already up to 10 title defenses, more title defenses than most other women championships on the womens wrestling scene today.

Orsini will do battle with newcomer Athena. Athena, a star athlete from the Texas area has asked WSU for a spot on the roster. Athena said she does not want to waste time and has asked to prove herself against the very best WSU has to offer. Athena comes into this match as the underdog, but will make herself world known if she can defeat Orsini for her AGNG championship.

WSU has always been the launching pad for new stars and a place where veterans come to reinvent themselves. We’ve seen the rise of people like Miss April, Brittney Savage and others, while seeing stars like Luna and Jazz show they still have it. On 12/11, former WWE diva and world class wrestler Krissy Vaine will make her WSU debut.

Vaine is no stranger to the northeast wrestling scene and has asked to come to WSU to prove herself against the best in womens wrestling. Vaine is looking to make roots in WSU and get her name back out on the scene, and what better place to get notoriety, fame, and exposure than WSU, the leader in womens wrestling today? Vaine will compete against upstart Niya, who has been very impressive in her short career.

Vaine has been cryptic to WSU management, just saying that on 12/11, we will see a brand new Krissy Vaine. From what we know, Vaine has been involved in the world of paranormal, but what we don’t know is how she plans on applying it in her wrestling. We’ll find out on 12/11.

Two matches that have been announced off the heels of our iPPV are Melissa Coates vs Rick Cataldo & Jana vs Cindy Rogers in a submission match. Both these matches involve the Cosmo Club.

Coates, was seemingly the new member of the Cosmo Club, only to be betrayed by the Cosmo Club that night. Coates has told WSU that she plans on taking out the entire Cosmo Club one-by-one, and she will start off with Rick Cataldo in this fiery intergender match-up. Don’t get Cataldo confused, Cataldo is cunning when he needs to be and has said he will have a few tricks up his sleeve for Coates. Can Coates come through on her promise, or will the Cosmo Club embarrass her again?

Former WSU Tag Team Champions, the longest reigning champions in the history of the WSU Tag Team Championship division, Cindy Rogers & Jana are no more. As we saw on 11/6, Jana had a change of heart and left the Cosmo Club to return back to her original WSU tag team, the Soul Sisters, while Amy Lee turned her back on the fans and joined the Cosmo Club, by being the new partner of Cindy Rogers.

Both Rogers & Jana are known for their submission moves. Rogers is a master of many submission holds, including the sharpshooter, while Jana is known for her Jana-vice. In the near four year history of WSU, only Angel Orsini has been able to counter the Jana-Vice, while only Mercedes Martinez has ben able to break out of the submissions of Cindy Rogers. Rogers & Jana have been with WSU since its inception and have a 99% success rate once their submissions are locked on. These former partners will be out for blood and pain, and one of them will be tapping out on 12/11.

New WSU Tag Team Champions The Belles Saints will also be in action, defending their WSU tag team championships on 12/11. The Saints made their first defense against Jennifer Cruz & Jamilia Craft. Cruz is saying that she can win the championships if she had a new partner. We will find out Cruz’s new partner on 12/11. Will Cruz have the Saints number or will the Saints keep marching on? Find out on 12/11.

For fans wondering, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez will not be able to appear on this show due to a prior commitment. WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage is booked for MTV’s Lucha program, and we wish her luck there. This will be a show for our stars to get into title contention and for new talent to make their mark. We are looking forward to these exciting matches and hope you can join us.

In other WSU news, WSU has furthered our relationship with the ACE Wrestling promotion in Union City, NJ. WSU World Champion, the greatest womens wrestler today, Mercedes Martinez, has agreed to join the ACE Pro Wrestling school as head female trainer.

We want to be clear, that this is not a WSU school, but Martinez will be cultivating new talent for WSU at the ACE wrestling school. Current women wrestlers will be able to learn from this ten year veteran while aspiring new female wrestlers will get the opportunity to train with the best womens wrestler in the United States today. Martinez joins the staff in January 2011. Women wrestlers looking to train with Martinez can contact ACE or WSU directly for pricing information and further details. You can find out more about the ACE school at

For more on WSU, visit the following: (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

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