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WSU to Air Title Match for Free Online

WSU announced today that it will air a match for free online as part of its WSU Uncensored web-series at

The bout will be taped this coming Saturday and will be an ‘Empty Arena Match’ for the WSU Spirit Championship, between new champion Alicia, who won the belt last Friday, defending against former champion Brittney Savage.

Press release below:

WSU has always been the most innovative and most violent company in all of womens wrestling today. It is with that being said, WSU has decided that the Alicia vs Brittney Savage feud needs a definitive winner once and for all. Immediately after losing the WSU Spirit Championship, Savage said she wanted her WSU Spirit Championship rematch as soon as possible. WSU has granted Savage her wish and this Saturday, WSU will be taping a special “EMPTY ARENA” match between Savage & Alicia for the WSU Spirit Championship. However it gets better for WSU fans – this match will air on an upcoming episode of “WSU UNCENSORED” on!

Not only is this match huge for WSU, Alicia, Savage & for everyone else in the WSU Spirit division, but it will also be huge for the fans, as you will get to watch this match for free on “WSU UNCENSORED” on Stay tuned to and the WSU facebook page for more details on this match and how to view it.

This is both a bold and exciting move on WSU’s part. It isn’t often that independent promotions are in a position to give away a match for free, but this will obviously allow a whole new audience of women’s wrestling fans who don’t already purchase DVDs from WSU, SHIMMER et al, to sample what else is out there. Kudos to WSU!

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