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Latest Posts Article: Update on AJ’s Injuries and Who’s To Blame? has posted a new article reviewing the Big Show/AJ incident on SmackDown and updating the fans on the extent of her injuries.

WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson is quoted as saying:

“AJ is pretty beat up, as you can imagine. She has head trauma, a cervical sprain/strain and also multiple contusions all over her body.”

Interesting to note is author Michael Burdick querying whether AJ will be the same person upon returning:

Still, no matter when the numerous physical injuries subside, is it possible that the emotional scars could run much deeper? An impact like the one AJ experienced would be a traumatic situation for anyone. With that in mind, could the sheer memory of it keep the spunky beauty out of action indefinitely? If she does return, will she be the same positive force inside the ring that she was before she was run over by the 441 pound behemoth?

The article  – readable here – also poses the question as to who exactly is to blame for her injuries: Big Show, Daniel Bryan or even AJ herself? It points out that General Manager Theodore Long could be in the wrong for allowing her at ringside to begin with. Who do you think is to blame for what happened? Let us know your thoughts.

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