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Total Divas fever is spreading everywhere, and has caught the bug!

WWE's website has published an extensive interview with Total Divas star Eva Marie, who has lit a fire under the Divas division as of late with her blaze-red hair and hot temper.

Despite the danger of being slapped, two reporters caught up with Eva and first asked her about when she decided she wanted to become a WWE Diva. Eva replied:

“I would say it started in September. I went to a Divas search because I live in L.A. It continued from there. The final portion was in-ring training. I fell in love with it the first day. I couldn’t wait to get in the ring, and then from there, I was lucky enough to be picked for developmental. It all turned out pretty good. Being a Diva, you’re a professional athlete and then you get to entertain. It’s the best of every aspect, all in one. That’s why I fell in love with it.”

Eva Marie also made it perfectly clear that she hasn't joined the WWE just to star in a reality show – she's after the Divas Championship. Regarding the butterfly belt, she said:

“There’s so much that I want to do. I want the title, of course. Who doesn’t want the Divas Championship? AJ, I'm coming for you!”

In addition to her goals inside the ring, Eva also talked about her family life, particularly her ex-Marine father's battle with cancer. She said that her personal matters have inspired her to get hands-on in WWE's charity work. Eva stated:

“What also attracted me to WWE is their charity and how they do so much with the military. My dad was a Marine. I want to be able to serve the troops and go overseas to support them. I also want to have my own nonprofit organization because my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was 15. He’s still fighting it. It’s a constant battle. Sometimes he’s in remission and sometimes he’s fighting it, like now, and he’s fought it for so long. I just want to be able to help people out there, as well, with that. That’s one of the main things I’d like to do, get the word out there and be a good role model.”

Eva also discussed secrets about the Divas division, changing her hair color and advice her fellow Total Divas have given her.

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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