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WWE Crown Jewel Predictions: 11.04.23

Crown Jewel is taking place on Saturday Nov. 4 with a start time in the United States at 1PM ET/10AM PT.

There are two women’s matches on the card and both championship matches. The matches are listed below followed by our predictions:

WWE Women’s Championship

IYO SKY (c) vs. Bianca Belair

Women’s World Championship

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Zoey Stark vs. Shayna Baszler


WWE Women’s Championship

NICK: I feel a lot of this match will determine if Kairi shows up. Regardless, I still think that IYO is gonna retain. If they aren’t going to have her drop it to Charlotte yet then why drop it to Bianca? Unless Charlotte will chase Bianca for the title until Mania. I am gonna keep with IYO retaining.


COLBY: This is probably the match I’m most excited for from the entire card. Again, the build has been meh but the story writes itself after Belair beat SKY in a MOTY contender at Backlash and then IYO cashed in her MITB contract on The EST at SummerSlam. I have no doubt these two will deliver again, although I’m not as confident on who I think will/should win. I don’t want IYO’s reign to end yet, but Belair being back in the picture, coupled with Kairi Sane‘s impending return, poses many questions. I think I’ll stick with the champ for this one.


World Women’s Championship

NICK: I think the easiest answer for this is just for Ripley to retain, bur we have witnessed from the rest of the Judgment Day that they can lose their titles and get them back again. I feel the title will change and Rhea will win it back in a few weeks. I think this is going to Nia Jax.


COLBY: I don’t think we’ve seen a multi-woman feud like this since maybe 2017, so I was on board with the storyline as soon as it started even though it may not have delivered as some had hoped. Rhea’s reign doesn’t seem to have an expiration date nearing even though this would be the perfect opportunity for her to drop the title without being pinned since WWE insists on protecting her so much. Some may deem it controversial, but I think Nia has been the most entertaining part of this whole ordeal and I wouldn’t mind seeing her win the title again. Despite, I feel confident in saying that Mami will remain on top after Saturday.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley

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