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WWE Draft said to be taking place next month

It has been previously rumored that a WWE Draft or Superstar Shake-Up was in the works prior to SmackDown’s move to the Fox network. It is being reported by the Wrestling Observer that the draft is happening, however, it will be after the move to Fox.

SmackDown is said to receive first dibs in the upcoming draft on Oct. 11. RAW will be following suit on Oct. 14. So based on what is being reported, SmackDown getting the first draft choices makes the most sense due to this being the second episode once the show moves to their new network.

This draft is said to be happening in order to restructure the brand lines. The wild card rule made the brand lines blur and this is said to be going away at the time of the draft. The term draft is being used this time. The last time an official draft took place was in 2016. Since then they have been referred to as shake-ups. There is no word on the actual process that will take place.

How may this affect the women’s roster? Unlike the men, the women have a smaller roster on both brands. Because of this, during the wild card rule, it has been the same women used on both shows. This could open up to door for different women to be used because they are restricted to their brands once again. There have been several women who have been out of action due to either injury or personal reasons, but there are still a few that are just overlooked.

There is no word on if NXT will be involved in this at the current moment. Normally NXT talent could be used during these times as a call-up to the main roster. NXT is debuting on the USA network in a live two-hour time slot starting on Sept. 18. NXT Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler has been rumored to be moving up shortly. Maybe this could be that time?

At this time nothing has been confirmed from WWE about a draft happening.

What are your thoughts on another draft happening soon? Do you think this could help the women’s division? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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