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WWE Elimination Chamber Preview & Predictions – 02.19.22

Elimination Chamber is here and for the first time, there will be three women’s matches taking place in Saudi Arabia. The event will start on Saturday, Feb. 19 at Noon EST.

The three matches include a title match, a tag team match, and an Elimination Chamber match. The match card is as follows –

Raw Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lita

Tag Team Match – Rousey with one hand tied behind her back

Naomi & Ronda Rousey vs. Sonya Deville & Charlotte Flair

Elimination Chamber Match (winner faces Raw Women’s Champion at WrestleMania)

Liv Morgan vs. Bianca Belair vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs.

Rhea Ripley vs. Doudrop vs. Alexa Bliss

For the Raw Women’s Championship, there will be a dream match that is becoming a reality. Lita is back and after her spot in the Royal Rumble match, she is now hungry for gold and wants a championship run. However, someone who has yet to be defeated as the Raw Women’s Champion stands in her way – Becky Lynch.

The build-up for this match has been very well done. Unlike focusing on the legend being relegated to being “past her prime” as WWE has done in the past, the focus is on Lita being an icon and role model for Becky. Becky has been hurt by her inspiration wanting to take her title away from her so close to WrestleMania. Becky has had some of the best promos since returning in August and Lita is firing right back with some of her best work in her career.

This match is almost guaranteed to be a classic.


With the reports saying that Lita is not booked past Elimination Chamber it doesn’t give me much confidence that she will win or continue to WrestleMania. Of course, plans could always change. Just as Lita was supposed to go home after the Royal Rumble and was asked to do this match instead. As much as Lita picking up this win would be ideal, I see Becky retaining as she heads into WrestleMania as champion.

Next up is the tag match between Naomi & Ronda Rousey as they face Sonya Deville & SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

The booking for this has been half and half. Naomi and Sonya have been going since last August, so finally having them in a premium live event match is no surprise. Adding Rousey and Flair seemed to be more thrown in and a last-minute decision. With that being said, the four women have been intertwining the past few weeks including Naomi and Charlotte putting on one hell of a championship match in last week’s SmackDown main event.

On tonight’s SmackDown, the four women had a contract signing for the match adding into it that Rousey will be wrestling with one hand tied behind her back.


This one I could see going either way. However, I think Ronda losing her first match back would be the more shocking thing to happen, so that means it won’t. I see Ronda and Naomi winning with Sonya taking the pin.

Lastly, the Elimination Chamber match which many fans were surprised to see happening. The build-up has been decent with the women involved consistently interacting over the past few weeks. The only one who hasn’t been involved in the storyline is Alexa Bliss who is the wildcard in this match and was announced just this week as the sixth and final entrant. After several video segments, Bliss was ready to return.

On this past Monday’s Raw, there was a five-woman gauntlet match in which Rhea Ripley showcased her longevity that has been missing from her in recent booking. She lasted to the end where Bianca Belair would defeat her earning the right to be the last one to enter the chamber match.


Despite Alexa being the wild card and many reports saying that Bianca will end up being the Raw Women’s Champion opponent at WrestleMania, I am going to go with Rhea. I think with the showing Rhea had on Raw, they will give her the win in the chamber and possibly add in Bianca to the WrestleMania match making it a Triple Threat in the weeks to come.

What are your predictions? Discuss them below. Check back in with Diva Dirt at 12 PM Noon EST on Saturday, Feb. 19 for a discussion post to chat about this event.

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