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WWE Entering the Comic Book Biz With “WWE Heroes”

We’ve compared the WWE Diva to comic book heroes before (Exhibit A & Exhibit B), but it looks like the WWE is taking a step towards making that comparison a reality. The Bleeding Cool comic book blog is reporting that the WWE is teaming up with Titan Publishing to roll out a comic book line in the US and Canada.

Kicking off the line in March will be WWE Heroes, which will feature both the Superstars and Divas of the WWE. The comic book will be set in a fictional universe and feature supernatural and fantasy themes. Clearly, this won’t rival DC or Marvel for quality, but I have to admit that I’m interested in seeing what they come up with. Hey, even if it’s crap (which I’m betting on), at least it’ll be worth a few laughs.

You can check out some sneak peek photos for the comic book by reading the full Bleeding Cool report. The cover (shown above) features Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly next to a Conan the Barbarian-ed Triple H, all looking a bit wonky in the face. I really hope the Divas’ art will look better on the inside, because on the outside it sort of looks like a botched Photoshop filter.

So, what do you think–will the WWE’s venture into the comic book industry be a success or will it go the way of the XFL? Discuss!

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