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WWE fans demand for Summer Rae

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WWE’s women’s wrestling fans are infamous for demanding justice within the female rankings of the company. From #GiveDivasAChance to #TreatWomenWrestlersEqually, fans have been extremely vocal about their opinions on the female talent.

However in recent weeks, one name has sprung to mind within the online community. And that name is Summer Rae.

Summer Rae, formerly known as “the first lady of NXT”, was one of the first women to really establish the brand. From reaching out to fans in her valet roles and in-ring work, to introducing them to her “BFFs” Sasha Banks and Charlotte, Rae has always had a promising career with WWE.

And then she moved up to the main roster and managed to maintain her fanbase and deliver great storytelling. We saw her comedic side through her feuds with Fandango, Layla, Lana and Natalya, and we even saw her channel an emotional side during a Miz TV segment. Rae has performed in some great matches, and has always managed to do the best with whatever she has been given, even if it is to be the faux villain on a reality show.

Over time however, Summer Rae fizzled off of our screens, despite being available every single week. And since the WWE draft took place and Rae was selected for the RAW brand, she has yet to make a single televised appearance. And with fellow RAW women like Nia Jax only working with local talent as well as Bayley being called up to the RAW Women’s title picture with Charlotte and Dana Brooke, there is little room for the forgotten talent such as Summer Rae.

And that is why the Twitter movement #Justice4SummerRae began.

Fans began to notice that despite her work ethic and fairly large support, the performer wasn’t being treated with the respect that they believed she deserved. Consequentially, some took to Twitter to let out their frustrations:

And through all of this talk on the hashtag, fans began a Summer Rae movement!

Evidently Summer Rae’s fans have a voice that they want to be heard. They believe that she has the in-ring skills, acting ability, and the charisma to be a top Superstar, yet isn’t receiving any kind of positive treatment.

Rae has worked alongside the likes of the Four Horsewomen, Natalya and the Bella Twins her entire career, as well as popular male talent, yet remains in the back doing absolutely nothing.

Though it is understandable that not every performer can be the top star, fans are arguing that what they want is to simply see her being given a chance instead of being sat backstage.

This movement is a demand from fans as they want to see more than the same three or four women doing the same thing week in, week out. They want to see the other women that they know and love on the receiving end of the evolution that is going on. And Summer Rae is at the forefront of that demand.

What do you think of the hashtag? Do you want to see more of Summer Rae? How would you book her? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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