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RAW Redux (August 29th, 2016): New Bay Rocks!

Last week Bayley made her long-awaited debut, so this week what was first up in her quest to get her Championship shot? Who will Nia squash this week? What does the Champ, Charlotte have to say about all these new changes? Let’s get to it!

First up, RAW’s newest Superstar, Bayley, is surprised when she bumps into the ever energetic WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day! The backstage fun and frolics are cut short when they’re interrupted by Dana Brooke who warns Bayley that she won’t succeed, because she doesn’t belong on RAW. She also informs the guys that she’s been talking to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, which causes The New Day to issue a challenge to the ‘negative Nancys’ tonight!

Quick to get her boys, Dana Brooke appears in a promo with Gallows and Anderson ahead of their match. The guys mention how they’ve moved from the surgery to the retirement home, enlisting the help of Nurse Dana Brooke and The New Day will be their first clients.

Before the tag match starts, we see that WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte has joined the guys on commentary to share her reply to Sasha Banks’ comments from the RAW pre-show. In an interview with Lita, Banks states that Charlotte is a coward and trying to injure her, shows how low she is willing to go. Although, the Champ retorts that neither Ric Flair or Dana Brooke were at Summerslam to affect the result of the match.

The New Day’s music hits and they are joined by the beloved hugger of the WWE Universe! The heels then make their way out, with Dana dressed in a nurse gown, latex gloves and face mask! The match is fast paced action between all parties, it’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen the two male teams compete against each other, nor is it the same for the women. We do see Bayley join the ‘Unicorn Stampede’ to hit Gallows, which is like the first I’ve seen a woman hit a guy with a move that wasn’t a slap in a good couple years!

The end of the match sees Bayley getting the hot tag and hitting all of her signature moves on Brooke. While the guys toss each other at the break down of the match, Bayley catches her with a Bayley to belly for the win and a second easy victory over the protege. The winners celebrate and point out at the Women’s Champion Charlotte, they know her time is coming soon!

The RAW fallout continues the celebrations backstage with the winning team!

The stealthy eyes of Nia Jax begin to play as she makes her way to the ring. This week, her opponent in Houston’s on Hyan (Hyaneyoung Olvera) – who mentions to Andrea Dimarco in a pre-match interview that everything is better in Texas, just like her heart. Although, just like we’ve seen over the last few weeks, Jax makes easy work of the local competitor. She finishes her off with an overhead powerslam for an easy victory!

Yay for more mixed action! The crowd lapped it up for the women and I’ll happily say that was the first time I actually cared for Dana Brooke. That combination of The New Day and Bayley was perfect, the matching attire was such a nice touch. Ironically, Dana going out to her her own partners and appearing in that vignette did way more for her than simply being in Charlotte and Emma’s shadows. I’ll give credit where it’s due and say that she’s definitely improved with her ring work too, sure there wasn’t anything too technical in this sort of match up, but being able to pad out the match with the guys definitely helped to hide her flaws and take away the repetitiveness if we saw them have yet another match.

Nia’s squash bored me this week, between her and Braun Strowman, these squash matches are losing their steam and fast. The fact that her new finishing move looked sloppy really didn’t help either. She can do so much more, why they won’t let her do a Powerbomb or more slamming moves really confuses me. Anyway, all this squashing and we have Bayley and returning Sasha ahead of her in the grand scheme of things… I just don’t see where she fits in anymore? Jobbing to Bayley and Sasha will make these squashes such a waste of time.

Finally, my eagle eye noticed numerous fans tweeting #JusticeForSummerRae due to her disappearance from our screens – so let me just add my thoughts. While I’m bored of seeing the same women all the time, Summer is just not needed right now. As a heel, she’d job to Bayley and Sasha Banks, as a face she’d job to Nia Jax and Charlotte – unless you want to make Twitter trends to see someone job out, then I think we should all be a little bit patient. I think it’s safe to say that Summer is one of the backstage favourites, so she’ll definitely have her time. Right now, she should be managing since that’s the perfect spot for her while all the HorseWomen take the current shine, but other than that, I’d happily save her instead of see her job out!

So what did you think about RAW’s mixed tag match? Are you feeling Nurse Brooke? Are Nia’s squash matches still entertaining you? Sound off in the comments below and I’ll catch you next week!

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