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WWE Grand Slam Champions – Who Could Be Next?

Being a Grand Slam Champion in WWE is certainly a milestone to reach. Up until the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were introduced in 2019, the option for women to earn Grand Slam status didn’t exist. Since then, women were able to achieve such status and five women have done so.

They are(in order of accomplishment) – Bayley, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Rhea Ripley.

For those who may not be familiar with what a Grand Slam Champion for the women may be, here is what needs to be achieved.

Raw Women’s Title (now-WWE Women’s Title)

SmackDown Women’s Title (now-Women’s World Title)

NXT Women’s Title

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

All four titles listed need to have been won to earn this accolade. There are a few women who are Triple Crown winners and are just one title away, the NXT Women’s Title, from winning all four pieces of gold.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has been a Triple Crown winner since 2019. She won the Women’s Tag Team Championships with Nikki Cross on two occasions and in 2022 briefly with Asuka. She is a former three time Raw Women’s Champion and two time SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The one piece of gold that has not happened for Bliss is the NXT Women’s Title. She did not have the honor of being that titleholder while on the NXT brand. However, with other talent returning to NXT for a run on that brand, anything can happen. Bliss is currently out of action due to pregnancy.

Becky Lynch

Much like Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch is missing that fourth piece of the puzzle, the NXT Women’s Title.

Unlike Bliss though, Lynch didn’t become a Triple Crown Champion until 2023. She won the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Lita to get this honor. She is a four time (and inaugural) SmackDown Women’s Champion and a two time Raw Women’s Champion. Lynch held both he Raw and SmackDown Titles when she defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a Winner Takes All match. That was the first women’s match to main event a WrestleMania. She has the most combined days as champion with the Raw belt.

During her time in NXT, Lynch sat by and watched her other Four Horsewomen get the NXT gold. She never did get the title before her call up so that is the title that keeps he from the Grand Slam status. On the Aug. 22 2023 episode of NXT, the current NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton mistakenly called Lynch a former NXT Champion. To this, Lynch responded saying that she hasn’t won that title …. yet.

Ronda Rousey

Rousey became a Triple Crown Champion in 2023 when she secured the tag team pchampionships along with Shayna Baszler. Just like the two women before, Rousey hasn’t won the NXT Women’s Championship. However, unlike the prior women, Rousey never had a run in NXT. She is a former Raw Women’s Champion and a former two time SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Currently, Rousey’s status with WWE is unknown. It seems unlikely for her to have an NXT run to get that much needed gold for the Grand Slam status.


IYO SKY is the most recent woman to become a Triple Crown winner and is just one title away from collecting all four. She is currently the WWE Women’s Champion (formerly Raw Women’s Champion) and has won both the NXT Women’s Championship and the WWE Women’s Tag Team alongside Dakota Kai on two different occasions.

SKY, unlike the prior women on this list, has the hard to obtain NXT title. She just now needs the Women’s World Title (formerly SmackDown Women’s Title) and that seems incredibly obtainable. SKY is also a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion with Zoey Stark to add that extra bit of success.

Fun fact, SKY may not be a Grand Slam Champion (yet) but she is considered the first one for STARDOM.

Now that we went over the Triple Crown Champions who could become Grand Slam Champions, let’s look at the women who are half way there. The women below have at least two out of the four titles needed.


Carmella has won both the SmackDown Women’s Championship and a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Zelina Vega. There was a big gap between her singles gold and tag team gold but both had memorable moments. She will need the NXT Women’s Title (which could be a good reign for her) and the now-WWE Women’s Championship.

Carmella is currently out of action due to her pregnancy. She has stated she wants to return but is not going to rush it.

Shayna Baszler

Shockingly to say, Shayna Baszler has not won singles gold on the main roster since being called up in 2020. Baszler is a former NXT Women’s Champion and a former three time Women’s Tag Team Champion (twice with Nia Jax and once with Ronda Rousey). She still needs bot singles titles on the main roster.

Currently, Baszler seems to be returning to her NXT ways and has the top of the division in her sights. She may become at least Triple Crown winner sooner than later.

Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez has only been on the main roster for nearly a year and a half, as she debuted in April 2022. She has become a three time Women’s Tag Team Champion as she held that gold with Aliyah and Liv Morgan twice. Rodriguez also had a lot of success in NXT as she is a former NXT Women’s Champion. She needs both main roster titles and has an opportunity on Sept. 2 at Payback to win one of them. She is facing Rhea Ripley for the World Women’s Championship.

Rodriguez hasn’t held tag gold for any large extended period of time. This includes being a two time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion with Dakota Kai.

Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan has turned into a fan favorite and has had a tremendous 2022 and a solid 2023 up until her recent injury. Her winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship was off of her Money in the Bank cash-in and she is a former two time tag champ with Raquel Rodriguez.

Being with WWE since 2014, Morgan has had a lengthy career already but really started leaning into her popularity over the past couple of years. She is only 29 years of age and could go for many more years and if done right, many more championships.


The longest WWE veteran of the locker room, Natalya has yet to become even a Triple Crown winner let alone Grand Slam Champion. She is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and previously held the Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Tamina.

It seems incredibly odd that Natalya hasn’t had a few more pieces of gold in her history. She is a former Divas Champion but unfortunately that isn’t included in the criteria. Natalya has to have at least one more run with a title, perhaps one she hasn’t won yet.

Nikki Cross

Nikki is another one like Shayna, Liv, and Raquel who has been heavily used in the tag team division. She is a former three time tag team champion and also cashed in (much like Liv and Carmella) to become a Raw Women’s Champion.

Her Raw Women’s Championship was won perhaps at the wrong point of her career. A gimmick change and little reaction from the crowd had her only holding that title for only a month. If there comes a time for Nikki to have a singles reign again to get closer to becoming a Grand Slam Champion then hopefully it pans out better. She was another missed opportunity to be the NXT Women’s Champion from her time in NXT.

Bianca Belair

It is hard to believe that Bianca isn’t even a Triple Crown winner yet. But what sets her apart from the other women who are half way there is that she has held both singles titles on the main roster.

She is a former two-time Raw/WWE Women’a Champion and a former SmackDown Women’s Champion. She won both the Raw and SmackDown belts at WrestleMania, the latter being in the main event against Sasha Banks. She has recently become the longest reigning champion in the modern era on the main roster.

Could Bianca take a trip back down to NXT to grab that title or perhaps find herself a tag team partner?

Who do you think will reach Grand Slam Champion in their career? Someone on this list or someone who will eventually get to the list?

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