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WWE Hall of Famer in Gay Slur Tirade on Twitter

WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, has found herself embroiled in a Twitter tirade, dropping a derogatory slur towards homosexuals on more than one occasion.

Sytch, who has been going back and forth on social media with independent talent Reby Sky over the past few days stemming from Sky blasting former WWE and WCW star Sycho Sid for no-showing several independent events but appearing on WWE’s Monday Night Raw television show this past Monday, made the comment when responding to a tweet about the situation.

Sytch appeared to have been aggravated by a message sent by former WSU wrestler, Rick Cataldo, who wrote on Twitter: “@TheBrittySavage @RebySky @WWEHOFerSunny I can’t wait to read it Britt! lmao and btw I got yo back Reby ;) that b*tch loves throwing shots.”

The provocation resulted in the 2011 inducted Hall of Famer responding with the derogatory slur: “@TheBoyDiva @TheBrittySavage @RebySky yeah, like the shot i threw at your jaw? you chicken shit f****t piece of crap… i’ll knock you out.”

Sunny continued to use the word on more occasions, tweeting the same slur in a one-word response to a fan who wrote: “There’s nothing more rude than calling someone a ‘faggot’ @WWEHOFerSunny needs to learn to grow up, and have some manners.”

Sunny also responded to another fan saying: “dude, i have a gay cousin who i love to death… but this kid was a f****t…totally different.”

Thoughts: While clearly provoked, there’s no excuse to use such an offensive, derogatory word, especially when her Twitter username — @WWEHOFerSunny — associates herself with WWE, who are known for their anti-bullying scheme. Secondly, Sunny’s justification of having a gay cousin and suggesting the situation is “totally different” is pretty alarming.


UPDATE: In the last few minutes, Sunny has posted a message on her Twitter page apologizing for the use of the slur and alleges that her Twitter account was hacked.

She tweeted: “I would like to apologize for the statement on my account… someone hacked into my acct . Im not that type of person. was not my statement.”

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