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WWE lists the best “good women” who have “gone bad”


WWE has decided to put together a Top 10 list of who they think are the best “good women” who have “gone bad.”

This topic was sparked with the recent events of last week where Bayley seemingly turned on Becky Lynch. We witnessed her siding with her best friend Sasha Banks with a steel chair attack on the RAW Women’s Champion. They would continue their attack on SmackDown, but this time Charlotte Flair would be the victim.

Bayley’s full heel turn remains to be seen as she stated that she is the same person but just having her best friends back. Someone who has always been there for her. The reactions to her “turn” have been mixed.

WWE’s list comprises many women from a few different eras. Let’s see what they have picked

  • 10. Lita betrays Kane
  • 9. Aj Lee costs Cena
  • 8. Becky pummels Charlotte
  • 7. Eve low-blows Ryder
  • 6. Trish kisses Christian
  • 5. Ronda says no more
  • 4. Mickie kicks Trish
  • 3. Sasha’s new attitude
  • 2. Nikki knocks out Brie
  • 1.Bayley gone bad

Who would you put on your list? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!