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WWE Main Event Redux (April 17th, 2015): The UK Gets Flawless

Hello ladies and gents! A special Union Jack edition of Main Event is coming you way, complete with the UK’s own Flawless leader, Layla! Yup, you read that right. Our lovely lady has made her return after a lengthy absence! She’s back and, hopefully, better than ever. She looks ready to go as we kick things right off.

Emma follows Layla out to the ring, still working that harder attitude of hers. There’s as small peek of dancing from her on the top rope, but I’ll forgive her that for the fabulous lipstick she’s sporting. The referee calls for the bell and we’re under way.

Emma has the early jumpstart on the perhaps rusty Layla. I spoke too soon! Layla comes back firing, locking Emma’s head up and taking her down. The ladies seem pretty evenly matched thus far, trading back and forths until Emma sends Layla into the ropes and then toppling down onto her back. Emma covers, but it’s only a count of one.

Layla’s back in control now, with Emma down on the mat. Some suspiciously-sounding American accents, over here across the pond, start chanting ‘Let’s Go Emma’, but Layla’s having none of that and stays on the offensive. Emma with a big kick to the mid-section then throws Layla into the turnbuckle. Layla tolls Emma up out of the corner. She fails to get the win, and goes for an arm lock to start wearing her opponent.

(There’s a slight fault with the video here, wherein it rewinds a little. Technology, eh? What’re ya gonna do?)

Back in the ring, Layla has Emma right where she wants her, applying pressure to that left arm. Emma with an innovative counter! She sits Layla down on the mat and then kicks her right in the chops! Ouch. Layla appears to be feigning the hurt from the kick and LAYS EMMA OUT as she comes off the ropes. Layla then gives Emma a taste of her own medicine, favouring one of Emma’s go-to’s; Layla ties Emma up and chokes her out on the top rope. She then trips the Australian, whose face bounces off the mat.

Layla’s happily in control, and I think it’s safe to say the ring rust is definitely absent here. She nails Emma with a big drop kick to the side of the head, earning herself a two count. Layla now with a headlock, but Emma shows signs of life as the crowd gets behind her. She drives Layla into the corner repeatedly, urging the Brit to let up on the hold. Emma succeeds, eventually, and takes control.

She bursts out a couple of clotheslines, knocking Layla into next week! Emma with a big elbow out of the corner, and then follows up with the dilEMMA. (I really love the name of that move.) Emma kicks Layla right in the tushi, knocking her off balance, and then a big kick to the side of Layla’s head. Emma gets a two count, but let’s not forget that Layla is a former Divas champion. More than that, she’s a scrappy little lady.

Layla misses with a spinning heel kick, but quickly turns it around. She clocks Emma right on the chin with the back of her boot, and then lines up for the finish.

Layla hits the Lay Out, and this one’s over!

Thoughts: A triumphant return for Layla, ladies and gentlemen! Whether you love or hate her, this lady has presence. She’s a veteran now, but still has so much to give and I for one would like to see her with one last glory run. She looks great; that short haircut takes years off her (not that she looks her age at all!) and she’s still smooth in the ring. I didn’t find her clunky at all, and I think that’s a credit to both her and Emma.

Speaking of Emma, she also looked lovely tonight. Another one in the loss column for her, unfortunately, but hopefully things will turn around for her. There’s a lot going on in the Divas division right now, between the Bellas, Paige, Naomi, Summer’s new movie and the return of Layla. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for as Diva fans. I’m sure Emma’s star will continue to shine for a long time to come. It seems she’s just going to have to bide her time until that day comes.

I’m not sure where either lady goes from here. Layla, playing the heel in this match, could potentially be in line for a Divas title shot when the championship eventually changes hands to a face. I don’t see her slotting in to the hunt just yet, and I don’t see Nikki dropping the belt soon either. As for Emma, like I said, she’s just biding her time. I feel that, once WWE lights the fuse on her, she’ll go far.

Until next time! x

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